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san antonio wedding themes of 2013

Hottest Wedding Themes of 2013

According to most wedding industry experts, most couples style their wedding around a palette of signature colors.  However, an increasing number are also choosing a theme or style.  Strapless ball gowns, delicate jewels, something blue… some trends never go out of style.   But couples are personalizing their wedding days by interjecting their unique styles and interests.   According to my research …

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Life with Dad

From the time I was born until I started the 5th grade, we moved around a lot.  Though I was born in the nun-run Mercy Hospital in Jourdanton, Texas in 1969, the next 11 years consisted of a lot of moving, starting each school year in a different state and near a lot of different …

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Tennis Anyone?

I love me some JoJo!  Jo Ann and I go way back… to junior high school—some 30 years ago if you’ve got your counting fingers extended!  Jo Ann is one of the most genuine, caring, and spiritual people I know.  I am blessed beyond belief to have her and her family in my life and …

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