From the time I was born until I started the 5th grade, we moved around a lot.  Though I was born in the nun-run Mercy Hospital in Jourdanton, Texas in 1969, the next 11 years consisted of a lot of moving, starting each school year in a different state and near a lot of different government job sites.  In 11 years, he packed us up and moved us near 11 times:

Jourdanton, TX–>San Antonio, TX–>Jefferson City, MO–>Kaw City, Ok–>Leming, Tx–>Tuscumbia, MO–>Wichita Falls, TX (short stay)–>Jourdanton, TX–>New Kirk, OK–>Home!  I can still remember our last address before we came home for good:  316 North Walnut, New Kirk, OK 74647!

And he taught me to love a lot of things:

  • road trips
  • the smell of dirt
  • burnt diesel
  • ingenuity
  • grease beneath his fingernails
  • the warning sound heavy equipment makes when it backs up
  • drinking ice cold water out of an old milk gallon
  • the heat of the day
  • Molasses and potted meat (no, not together)
  • fast driving, lead feet and fishtails
  • red shop towels
  • the outdoors
  • all things spicy
  • HIM!

By the time I was five, I could differentiate between bulldozers, front-end loaders, scrapers and dump trucks, and by age 10 I learned to steer a bulldozer with either the foot or hand levers.  My dad cleaned up after tornadoes, helped construct man-made lakes and dams, piled up trees to be milled, and in his own words, “moved mountains.”  I spent a lot of hours on his lap or on the armrest just watching him move the earth.  That’s deep. Every girl dreams of finding a man to move the Earth for her, and though I’ve looked, I’ve always had one in my life.  My daddy. 


Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  And if you didn’t get a chance to see last year’s post, here it is.


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