Best Wedding Venues in San Antonio

This page includes many details about some of the best wedding venues in San Antonio (and around the San Antonio area) that you won’t find anywhere else. I include my personal photographic opinions about shooting locations on wedding days and events at these gorgeous wedding venues.

Best Wedding Venues in San Antonio: The Red Berry Estate

If you happen to be looking for a wedding venue with sophistication, opulence, and a certain ability to impress your guests—this is it! If the 12-acre lake and Duffy boats don’t dazzle your guests, the intrigue and mystery of the perfectly-restored secret gambling mansion will.

To learn more about the history, features, price, and sizing, check out our page dedicated to The Red Berry Estate.

San Antonio Wedding Venues: Lambermont Events

Alfred Giles originally built this San Antonio home as a “castle for his bride” in 1894. If you want to spend the night in a castle fit for a bride after your intimate, romantic wedding, check out the Lambermont.

To learn more about the vivid history, prices, and other considerations, visit the page dedicated to Lambermont Events.

best wedding venues in san antonio view of the lambermont castle with the sun setting over the west side with the yard set for an afternoon wedding by San Antonio TX Wedding Photographer Tammy Blalock, Ata-Girl Photography Co.

Hill Country Wedding Venues: The Chandelier of Gruene

Looking for a barn with the ultimate amount of wow factor? Here it is in all its glory! You get an open-air chapel, stained glass windows, shiny chandeliers, reflective floors, a huge gas fire ring, and did I mention the deer come out in the evenings?

For more real-life wedding inspiration from the Texas hill country be sure to visit The Chandelier of Gruene’s venue page!

Hill Country Wedding Venues: Firefly Farm

Looking for a barn venue in the Texas hill country to party your entire wedding weekend? What you say? Want to also include 26 of your closest family, friends, and wedding party—making that a total of accommodations for 28 people?! I got you. Check out the Firefly Farm.

For more location ideas and examples of weddings I have photographed here, visit the Firefly Farm venue page!