Matt & Cara’s San Antonio Riverwalk Wedding

Last November I had the wonderful opportunity to knock two items off of my photography bucket list: 1—shoot a San Antonio riverwalk wedding and 2—shoot a wedding with longtime photography friend, Chrystina Straughan of Straughan Photography. Matt & Cara’s San Antonio Riverwalk Wedding Click To Tweet I second for Chrystina at the Rio Plaza. Matt… Read More

European Tour: London Review

Last October, after I finished the Fantastic 3 Workshop with Nik Pekridis, Keda.Z, and Johnson Wee, I embarked on the vacation of a lifetime. I stayed an additional 17 days touring through six other European countries after leaving Scotland. I visited the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France. European Tour: London Review… Read More

Industrial Glam Wedding (Styled Shoot)

With an undiscovered miscommunication about the submission deadline, this styled shoot was planned, green lighted, cast, organized, logistically orchestrated, executed, shot and wrapped up within six days. Six days. The deadline was actually December 28. However, after a brief conversation about a possible submission on the 12th, planning actually began on November 19. The shoot… Read More

Shelby & Jordan’s Strawberry Pines Wedding

What do you do when you can’t fit everyone you want to invite to your wedding inside your hometown tiny church? You take the church to Strawberry Pines of course. Well, theoretically speaking anyway.   Shelby & Jordan’s Strawberry Pines Wedding Click To Tweet Jordan is a third-generation Bowen family member from Christine, Texas. The Bowen… Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Update Your Head Shot

An up-to-date, professional head shot is a vital piece of your personal brand whether your are a doctor, lawyer, real estate agent, app designer, blogger or bakery owner. This personal brand you have created extends well beyond the face-to-face world and deep into the digital one. When someone finds you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or… Read More

Invitation to Studio 206

As long as I have been a photographer, I have dreamed of having a photography studio… a real life, brick and mortar, inventory of backdrops and chairs and other beautiful props, plucked-straight-from-NYC studio! After nearly eight years in the business, this past October I took the plunge and I made that dream a reality. Invitation… Read More

Photo Gift Idea for Christmas

Do you have all your Christmas gifts purchased yet? Here’s an idea… purchase an Ata-Girl gift voucher for that special someone in your life. Photo Gift Idea for Christmas Click To Tweet For just $225 (this is a steal), you can have a two-hour day in the life of session or a one-hour studio session… Read More

Workshop Etiquette for Photographers & Instructors

I’ve attended enough workshops and seminars now to have a good idea how to behave at these things. By last count, there were 17 physical workshops/seminars I’ve attended since 2013. It always amazes me that there are other professionals who seemingly don’t know how to behave at these workshops. In fact, I wish you’d bring… Read More

Emily’s Cotton Field Session

Emily’s cotton field modeling session was THE BEST! I literally took one image of her in the cotton field with the sun setting behind her and knew I had captured something worth submitting to image competition. Of course, we took more… but I just couldn’t believe how beautiful this could be with my lens closed… Read More

Scotland Workshop with Three Masters (Fantastic 3)

I often say a photographer shouldn’t be taking money from clients unless they are willing to invest into their own skillset. I honestly believe this. Without any real regulation in this industry, there are all sorts of  “photographers” who can’t even make an image unless their camera is in automatic mode. Personally, I don’t think that… Read More