Workshop Etiquette for Photographers & Instructors

I’ve attended enough workshops and seminars now to have a good idea how to behave at these things. By last count, there were 17 physical workshops/seminars I’ve attended since 2013. It always amazes me that there are other professionals who seemingly don’t know how to behave at these workshops. In fact, I wish you’d bring… Read More

Emily’s Cotton Field Session

Emily’s cotton field modeling session was THE BEST! I literally took one image of her in the cotton field with the sun setting behind her and knew I had captured something worth submitting to image competition. Of course, we took more… but I just couldn’t believe how beautiful this could be with my lens closed… Read More

Scotland Workshop with Three Masters (Fantastic 3)

I often say a photographer shouldn’t be taking money from clients unless they are willing to invest into their own skillset. I honestly believe this. Without any real regulation in this industry, there are all sorts of  “photographers” who can’t even make an image unless their camera is in automatic mode. Personally, I don’t think that… Read More

WPPI 2nd Half Image Competition

I first entered a WPPI print competition in 2013. It was the 2nd Half Members Only Competition. I entered in the high school senior division and scored a 75. Not bad. A 75 is considered a professional practice. On my very first try, I was considered a real professional by my peers. That gave me… Read More

How to be a Bridechilla

I recently heard the term, “bridechilla.” It was new to me. I have heard the term “bridezilla” many times. Everyone knows exactly was a bridezilla is. Thankfully, I’ve never had to deal with a bridezilla. Nope, not once! And believe me, I am counting my lucky stars because I have heard some absolute horror stories… Read More

Hill Country Wedding at Kendall Plantation

Earlier in the year, I had the pleasure of second-shooting a hill country wedding with Shelly Beck of Shelly Beck Photography. Payton and Eric had their June wedding at the Kendall Plantation in Boerne. Kendall Plantation is gorgeous Boerne wedding venue and it was an equally gorgeous day!!  Hill Country Wedding at Kendall Plantation Click… Read More

Sara’s Rustic Portrait Session

Sara was another model who answered a modeling call I advertised over the summer. When Sara showed me her dress, I immediately knew the location I wanted to photographer her in! I even scouted twice for other places to shoot her, but always came back to this one. I was incapable of envisioning her dress anywhere… Read More

Yervant’s Creative Live Review

I had an amazing opportunity to return to Seattle for another Creative Live workshop. This was my second trip this year to take advantage of a wonderful learning resource available to creatives and entrepreneurs! This trip was to learn from another iconic master wedding photographer. Yervant!! I’m still pinching myself that I was actually selected… Read More