Susan and her llamas have been around the industry for just a short while. (Please note my sarcasm.) Susan started her llama farm in 2000. I’d guess she knows a thing or two about these animals.

She’s been introducing her lovely llamas to people since 2006 and took them their very first wedding was in 2007.

Llamas at Your Wedding? | Leslie Lane Llamas

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Besides these cuddly llamas, Susan can also take alpacas or a mini horse to your wedding or party.

Llamas at Your Wedding? | Leslie Lane Llamas

Llamas at Your Wedding? | Leslie Lane Llamas

She’ll travel to just about anywhere with her animals but prefers to stay in Texas. Depending on how far she has to drive, there may be mileage and/or lodging fees added to the cost of her cuddly animals’ appearance.

Susan loves the llamas so much that at one point she had over 100 llamas. She gets a lot of her animals from other people who have decided that they did not make the best decision with the animal. Susan happily gives the animal a happy home on her ranch just outside of Seguin.

Llamas at Your Wedding? | Leslie Lane Llamas

Susan works with each animal independently to condition them for live events. She first introduces them to her own family and then the socializing progresses to small tour groups on her ranch. During this grooming period, Susan constantly gauges their maturity and confidence to interact with other people. Each animal is different, but once Susan feels the animal is sufficiently prepared to appear in public, the animal is formally introduced to the world.

Susan’s animals are never sedated for travel. She believes that if an animal is unable to travel without sedation, they are not ready to interact with large groups of people. (I personally feel that sedating an animal to travel and/or interact with people in order to make money is animal abuse. In my opinion, you should avoid animal handlers that drug their animals for transport or interaction. This should be one of the questions you ask a potential provider. ~Tammy)

Llamas at Your Wedding? | Leslie Lane Llamas

She only takes the most well-trained animals to events to ensure the safety of everyone. She always considers the number of people at the event as well as if there will be a lot of children attending. If necessary and as an extra precaution, Susan is able to set up light-weight aluminum panels at larger events to control the flow of guests wanting to visit with and pet the animals. People get so excited to see the llamas and the alpacas so she takes extra precautions for the safety of both the animals and the guests.

If you’re considering having petting animals at your wedding or live event, meet with the provider and visually witness how they interact with their animals AND how the animals react to the owner. Susan encourages you to ask many questions—like if there have been any accidents or unpleasant experiences. She adds that you want to make sure they are insured. She also urges you to read online reviews and check the provider’s reputation. Is this a hobby or a livelihood? Experience is super important!!

Llamas at Your Wedding? | Leslie Lane Llamas

Susan loves seeing the bride’s face the first time she sees the llamas at her wedding.

“I will never forget the wedding where the maid of honor reserved the llamas as a surprise for her best friend. The bride literally sat on the ground in her beautiful wedding dress and cried! I have those photos! That’s why I do what I do! I make dreams come true; well, my llamas make their dreams come true. I am truly just the one to bring the two together.”


If you want llamas, alpacas or a cute little mini pony at your wedding or live event, talk to Susan. Tell her exactly what your thoughts and ideas are and just what you are envisioning. She will do her best to make that your reality. (For example, she just hosted a surprise wedding proposal at her ranch with the llamas.)

If you’d like to arrange your own tour or appearance at your wedding or live event with Leslie Lane Llamas, you can reach out here:

Pro tip: arrange a private tour at her ranch and get to meet Mufasa—her camel!

Llamas at Your Wedding? | Leslie Lane Llamas

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