Your Investment

Thank you so much for even considering me to share you special day! Can’t even write enough words here to express the gratitude I have. My couples humble me each time they invite me into these intimate moments in their lives. I am so grateful!

So. Your investment? A wedding is a BIG DEAL!! And your wedding images are even a BIGGER DEAL because they literally will be one of the few things you keep! They tell your love story… your legacy… for decades! People you don’t even know will look at your wedding images with love and care in their eyes!

This investment is the most important one you make in regard to one of the best days of your life.

My couples don’t choose me because I’m affordable. (In fact, my couple’s average spend is about $6,500—sometimes more.) My couples choose me because they like me, they trust me, and they know that I will produce the images, the experience and the products that they will never second guess. Even for a second.

  • $4000
  • 9 Hours
  • 2nd Lead Photographer + Assistant
  • Same-Day Slideshow/Prints
  • Guaranteed 10-Day Image Delivery
  • Digitals with 10-Year Cloud Storage
  • Personal Image App/Printing
  • $995
  • Up to 2 Hours
  • Wardrobe Consulting
  • Scholarship Head Shots
  • Italian, Handcrafted Album
  • 8X10 Wall Canvas
  • Assorted Gift Prints
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