About Me

  • "We had same-day prints matted and printed and handed to us before we left the reception!!"
    Bethany Loy

Hi, I’m Tammy.

My philosophy is to treat you as if you are my only couple.

I can do this because:

#1 This is my full-time job (not a side-hustle)
#2 I am OCD and utilize super helpful tools
#3 My kids are grown and live in their own houses—hours away
#4 My only grandson lives seven hours away
#5 I’m totally single so you compete with no one else’s time

Most importantly, I don’t spread myself thin trying to take care of too many couples… by working for a limited amount of couples (no more than 15 per year), I provide a very personable, well-rounded, complete experience. I am always available, always fresh, always motivated, always prepared, always captivated, always ready to serve.

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Everything I do is for you.

This is me tubing on the Rio Colorado in Costa Rica. (By the way, best river tubing EVER!) If I wasn’t a wedding photographer, I’d totally be an outdoor brand influencer…

When I’m not enjoying the great outdoors, I am 100% committed to making sure you have the best wedding images possible. Everything I do in relation to my business is for you!

Every international print competition, every exhausting print critique, every in-person master class, every mentoring session, every professional conference, every vendor meetup, every networking opportunity, every blog post written, every ounce of photography and business education consumed… is FOR YOU.

Since 2010, I have excelled in helping each of my couples plan for one of the very best days of their lives! I’d love to share my very personalized wedding experience, my super-human organizational abilities, and my U. S. Army combat skills (when needed) with you too.

I want your wedding day to be as perfect as you do! I’m all in with my whole heart!

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Over the years, I have learned so much shooting weddings, I literally wrote a book about it. It’s helped my couples and can help you too. You can find it here.

However, my proudest moments in life are raising two daughters, living in the same area as my ancestors since 1909, serving in the U. S. Army, and mentally surviving extremely tragic events (losing my sister and my mom by age 21). Honestly, the unconscionable loss my family suffered is what fuels my photography appetite and plays a major role in the grind and effort devoted to my couples.

When I’m not behind my camera, you can find me hiking, biking, backpacking, camping, enjoying water sports, listening to music (Elvis and Prince), hunting for arrowheads, reading audiobooks, occasionally eating a few glazed donuts (my only weakness to sweets) and then re-starting my keto diet about every 10 days.

The most important things in life are for me to see my two daughters happy and to create a family history my grandparents and grandson would be proud of.

Step #3: I've heard enough. I'm ready to meet.