Photo Album Details

Is your photographer going to hand you a disk of images or
an actual museum-quality family heirloom that is guaranteed for life?

Fair warning, I’m about to geek out on you.

Since 1995, there have been many different digital image mediums (3½ floppy, CD, DVD, thumb drive, external hard drive, the cloud, etc.). Who is in charge of your legacy and transferring these images from storage device to device from generation to generation? Make it easy to preserve your family’s history! Choose printed products that are archival-quality (100% cotton rag, free of optical brightening agents) and will last for more than 300 years!

This is the best wedding album in the world! Yes, hands down, the best wedding album in the world! Why?  This is the ONLY album printed and bound on fine art papers, in high definition at 2400 dpi and in the AdobeRGB color gamut. No other album maker has the proprietary knowledge to make this album. Not one. Not a single one. None.

  • "But the best piece that I will always treasure is the handmade Italian photobook of all my favorite shots of my day. I love this piece so much, I ordered 4 more!"
    Kinna McGuire
    Kinna McGuire

See the time I visited the Italian lab that makes these albums.


(For comparison, each and every other album in the world is printed at 800 dpi and in the sRGB color gamut (35% less color/tonal range). Each and every other album in the world is not printed on papers and with inks with an image permanence rating of 300+ years. This means your images are going to have less color, less vibrancy, less realistic skin tones, less incremental gradations, and will start to degrade in less time. Any other album is not heirloom quality.)

These albums are printed with a CANON HIGH DEFINITION DREAMLABO 5000 PRINTER on SELECT CANON PAPERS. “This quick, shallow ink fixation results in higher ink density and more vivid color expression that can maintain its quality for about 300 years*. *” ~from the Canon website

The albums can be completely customized based on each client’s personalized tastes. There are 25 cover material choices, over 200 color options, and infinite other customizations. Want to match the lace on your dress or the reception napkin color? You can. You can also choose your page thickness and paper style. Lastly, the albums and presentation boxes can be further individualized with engraving, embossing, debossing, hot foil, sublimation, color overprinting and raised varnishing. These heirlooms are yours to design exactly as you wish!

The best part is that these albums are guaranteed for LIFE!! If for some reason the craftsmanship fails, it will be replaced free of charge. If I am no longer in business and you lose your album in some way (fire, flood, etc.), you can go straight to my album company and purchase another. There is literally no way to lose your precious images. No other album company offers this guarantee!

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