How it Works

The Ata-Girl Experience

There are many wedding photographers, but you can only receive this exclusive, proprietary service from me.

Since 2010, much effort has gone into my couples receiving great images that tell the real love story of their wedding day—but even more effort has been put into my couples receiving an efficient, super-organized, worry-free experience.

I share my expertise and know-how so you just don’t get fantastic photographs! You’ll receive a complete, seamless execution from the moment you book until you return home from your honeymoon!

  • "From the start of our journey with Tammy to the end, she took special care of us."
    Brittany Reich
    Brittany Reich

Let’s Connect

The couples who choose to have me shoot their BIG day are usually dog (and cat) owners/rescuers (sometimes chickens too), love to enjoy an occasional craft beer or bottle of wine, LOVE the outdoors, LOVE sports, LOVE exercise, LOVE music, and are inclined to drive Jeeps (or some other all-terrain vehicle). More often than not, they have professional or semi-professional 9-to-5s.

My couples want real moments documented and highly value photography and sometimes invest more in that than anything else at their wedding. After you fill out my contact form and we have a chance to meetup, we’ll find out if we have a real connection. (I often get invited to anniversary and birthday parties long after the “I dos.”)

You have a choice of meeting virtually or face-to-face. If you choose the face-to-face option, I have a mobile office (motorhome) that I can take where ever you need me to. It’s convenient; you limit your travel time, maintain your privacy, have access to water, coffee, adult beverages, snacks AND a bathroom, and preserve your safety—especially now, with Covid-19.

Make it Official

If you decide I’m the one, you’ll need to lock in your wedding date to make this thing official. You’ll receive a digital contract that outlines every expectation that we have for each other (including my quick 10-day image delivery). Everything is covered: contingency/backup plan, cancellation policy, rescheduling, exclusivity, copyrights, model release, retouching, album design… so nothing is assumed. This contract will also include your personal payment options.

All my Tips!

You’ll immediately receive a complimentary copy of my book and your welcome packet! Then every four to six weeks, you’ll receive a carefully curated email sharing professional tips that correlates to the planning stage of your wedding. Since 2010, I’ve seen a lot of stuff—a lot of ugly stuff. So I give you all my professional advice to help you avoid these same mishaps and to ensure you have the best wedding day imaginable! I never ghost you! I’m available day or night, by phone, text or email, to answer any additional questions you have. I’ll check in with YOU every six to eight weeks.

The E-Session

If you want an engagement shoot, it’ll be so much fun! Your fiancé(e) will be relaxed and enjoy themselves because I’ll take a cold brew or some hot chocolate and some snacks! The engagement session will be an amazing time! I have tricks up my sleeve to make it super romantic and super meaningful for you two! It’s just not a photo session, it’s a memory leading up to your wedding day! You receive your images two weeks after your session.

The Bridal Session

About two to four months out, we’ll plan your bridal shoot (if you opted for this)! Again, this will be fun and a super-efficient way to really test drive that dress of yours! We’ll do this at sunrise or sunset; your choice! You receive your images two weeks after your session.


About two months out, we’ll start to nail down all of the specifics needed in order to document the day in the best way possible and get all those magical wedding photos you want. I’ll get to know all of your VIPs, help you decide whether or not a first look is for you, walk you through planning for the family formal portraits and together, we will create the most perfect timeline. I’ll also plan a site visit of your venue… even if I’ve shot there before. I want to know if any changes have been made!

Your Magical Day

I text you or your planner as soon as I leave so everyone knows I’m on my way. (This relieves a lot of anxiety!) My team and I arrive about an hour early and are prepared to stay up to 20 minutes late without any overtime charges. We work diligently all day long and are on high alert to ensure we capture all the love, emotion, connection, happiness, and beauty of your special day. If you pre-approved, I bring 200 info cards so your guests know when and where to view your images.

If you purchase a collection with same-day services, this is what it would look like. During dinner, your same-day slideshow and same-day prints are prepared. Your slideshow is then played on a 32″ flatscreen on loop for the remainder of the reception for you and your guests to watch at will. Before you slip into that getaway car, you’ll be handed a box of matted/printed images from your wedding day so you immediately have something tangible to enjoy!

Image Delivery

As per your written contract, ten days after your wedding, the retouching/editing of your wedding day images will be completed. You will receive the link to your personal gallery during a romantic date designed exclusively for the two of you! You are free to print any of these images and share any of these images on your social media platforms. You are encouraged to share access with your family and friends.

Your Heirloom Album

If you purchased an album, we will begin designing your one-of-kind, Italian handcrafted wedding album about two or three weeks after the wedding. (Have I mentioned your album will have a 300-year archival quality?) If you meet all of the deadlines—don’t worry, I lay them out in a very achievable way—you’ll have this baby delivered within 100 days of your wedding! 

Lasting Friendship

I don’t consider wedding photography a one-night stand.

This is the part where we stay friends… but only if you want to. However, most of my couples are now on my Facebook friends list. I get invited to their baby showers. I get invited to their adult birthday parties. I receive Christmas cards from them. Sometimes, I even get to go on wine tours with them. We stay in contact so I can continue to see their love (and their family) grow!

This is THE experience I want!