I want to tell your love story!

I’m Tammy—also known as Ata-Girl—and I would love nothing more than to photograph your wedding day. Why? Because I know firsthand how fragile life can be. Because I’ve known from a very young age that photographs can be the catalyst to helping you remember a loved one after they’re gone. Because I know that a photograph can show someone how much they are loved… how strong you (or they) are. Because these are some of the moments you can’t ever get back.

It is an absolute honor to play this small part in my couple’s lives—to be their personal historian, if you will.

I want to be the photographer who captures your legacy in photographs… the one who creates the images your family will be looking at in 100 years… the one who tells your love story through beautiful imagery… the one who gets to visually recite your narrative to people who haven’t even been born yet.

Going Above and Beyond to Tell Your Love Story

My unfortunate circumstances have prepared me to document your milestones with creative and appreciative eyes!

I accidentally happened into a career of professional photography trying to recreate the confidence-boosting images for my athletic daughters that I’d seen of myself in high school. I wanted both of my daughters to know that they could be strong, determined, disciplined, goal-oriented young women and the easiest way was for me to show them images of themselves in competitive situations. Eventually, I discovered that my skill could also serve other people.
When my mother passed away, my brother and sister and I only had a handful of images to choose from when selecting the image that would grace our mother’s headstone. After agonizing over one unflattering candid image after another, we ultimately chose one of Mom in her pajamas. I realized that I could share my passion and talents with people to not only boost their confidence, but also so that no one would have to be memorialized in pajamas ever again.


What you won't find with anyone else:
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plus much more to ensure you have the best wedding photography experience possible!

My products, customer service and level of care are superior to any other photographer in San Antonio.

Hands down, I will give you the best wedding photography experience possible. I have incorporated a very personalized and extremely customized Ata-Girl experience into my business model that you will not receive from any other photographer in the San Antonio area.

My complete wedding service is a luxurious, one-of-a-kind, boutique-style experience.


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