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Should You Hire a Drone on Your Wedding Day?

I’ve been asked more than once if I’ll ever add drone photography to my repertoire of skills. My answer has always been, and will always be for as long as I can foresee, “no.” It’s really important for me to master the art of still photography. (When I say master, I mean actually master like… Read More

Timeline Tips Every Bride Should Know

Have you ever considered the intricacies of your wedding day timeline and the effect that they may have on your wedding day photos?  Something as minute as the placement of one event in front of the other, or the difference in five minutes of planning can make all the difference in the world as it… Read More

Pros and Cons of Grand Exits

Long gone are the days of leaving your wedding reception and people throwing rice at you.  In 1985, a Connecticut state legislator introduced a bill to outlaw the long-standing tradition of throwing rice at a newlywed couple. The rice was originally meant to symbolize rain.  Rain on your wedding day is said to be a… Read More

The Oaks at Heavenly Wedding

If it seems like I haven’t blogged in forever, it’s because I haven’t blogged in forever! I shot this wedding late last year, but it seems like only yesterday that I witnessed this beautiful wedding at the Oaks at Heavenly between Kelli and Jay. And, there was a bonus. I ran into Emily–a model of mine from… Read More

How to be a Bridechilla

I recently heard the term, “bridechilla.” It was new to me. I have heard the term “bridezilla” many times. Everyone knows exactly was a bridezilla is. Thankfully, I’ve never had to deal with a bridezilla. Nope, not once! And believe me, I am counting my lucky stars because I have heard some absolute horror stories… Read More

Tips to Choosing Trustworthy Wedding Vendors

How do you choose trustworthy wedding vendors? In the span of a week, two bridal shops abruptly closed their doors in the San Antonio area—one after filing for bankruptcy, the other for non-paid states sales tax for over a year. The two closures left a long string of brides in a panic and rightfully so…. Read More