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I have been shooting weddings for over ten years and I have lots of valuable knowledge to share with you.

I am willing to share 20 wedding planning tools with you with absolutely no strings attached.

This is a no-nonsense, no-pitch, no-obligation, no BS opportunity to get access to very proprietary, interactive wedding planning tools that I have created in preparation of releasing version 2.0 of my book, Panoramic Wedding Planning Guide.

Some of the tools are:

■ wedding show/venue open house worksheet
■ venue comparison checklist (compare four side-by-side)
■ photographer comparison tool (compare four side-by-side)
■ wedding planning checklist
■ timeline calculator
■ family VIP worksheet
■ family formal portrait scheduler

These tools are packed with real value.

If you are anywhere close to a type A personality, you are going to love my free tools! (By the way, I’m only a B+ but I LOVE to be organized and I LOVE to document progress!)

Most of my tools and tips are directly related to your photography experience, but some of the tools will also help you with general planning.

The best things about my tools are:

■ they are FREE
■ they are AWESOME
■ they are compatible with any phone or PC
■ you can always have them on the go
■ they draw from my 10-years of wedding experience
■ there are absolutely no strings attached

There is no reason to not take advantage of these free tools!

There is no cost... no obligation... no risk involved. Nothing.

Screenshot of Worksheets/Interactive Tools

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