Back in February, when I attended an ILEA program (San Antonio Chapter) event with Bron Hansboro, The Flower Guy Bron–Event Trend Predictions for 2020: What’s In and What’s Out, I don’t think he had a clue as to just how accurate one of his predictions would be.

One of his predictions was… get this… micro weddings!

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A micro wedding is considered anything that has 50 guests or less.

Due to Covid-19 completely changing everything we know about life, it has also wreaked havoc on couple’s plans for their dream wedding day. Earlier in the pandemic, weddings were completely canceled, rescheduled for a later date, or just held with a few people… and by few, I mean the couple, the officiant and two witnesses. Sometimes these ceremonies were broadcast online so that others could “join” the celebration.

Currently, regulations and guidelines have loosened in such a way that venues are allowed to host events at a certain percentage of their legal capacity. Right now, that number is 50%. With that, some of the rescheduled weddings are now gearing up for a “micro wedding.” Other couples just love the idea of a very small, very intimate affair and are initially planning to have a micro wedding.

However you got here, here are some steps that you should take planning a micro wedding. Here are my tips:

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Micro Wedding Tips

Decide budget.

Even though this is a micro wedding, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a micro investment. Decide what you’re comfortable with budgeting to begin planning.

Arrive at guest count.

Devise a stricter set of rules to decide who gets invited to this smaller affair. For instance, you may want each guest to meet at least three of these qualifications: (1) immediate family (2) known for more than ten years (3) shared dinner (or another meal) in the last year (4) exchange ABC gifts (anniversary, birthday or Christmas) and (5) can’t imagine getting married without them.

micro wedding tips

Hire a planner.

If you’re having an intimate ceremony in a park, you may not need a planner. However, if your wedding—though smaller—will still be detail-driven with a fully-catered meal and a formal reception, hire the planner. Most planners offer a day-of package that may suit your needs just fine. Most couples hire their planner after they’ve selected a venue. However, making this your first official investment will make the next step easier. Many planners are well-informed and in the know as to which venues are offering micro weddings. As such, they’ll know guest limits and estimated costs. This will save you research time.

tips for micro weddings due to covid

Choose a venue that accommodates budget and guests.

Venue capacities are limited right now. They are limited to 50% of their capacity. Venues are deciphering this mandate in different ways. Some are going strictly by fire code limits. Others are choosing to calculate the 50% as half of what their venue can seat (either with or without a dance floor). And still, other venues are using a number that is 50% of either of those numbers but still adheres to six-feet social distancing measures. Make sure you ask how the venue is arriving at their number and ensure you are comfortable with it. (Some venues may have complete micro packages that includes everything you’ll need to celebrate your day.)

Hire a photographer.

You still want your day documented and professionally preserved no matter how small, intimate or clandestine your celebration is.

Cover the basics.

Wedding reception basics are food, drinks and fun, so make sure these are at the forefront of your planning. After you’ve got your basics covered, you can think about the extra stuff—décor, entertainment, or taco trucks.

Make it meaningful.

Just because it won’t include the 350 people you originally envisioned does not mean that your celebration of love cannot be just as impactful. Incorporate all the traditional parts and include your own unique pieces to make your day memorable, meaningful and significant to yourself, your partner and your guests.

tips for micro weddings

Here’s a recap of tips for micro weddings:

  1. Decide your budget.
  2. Arrive at a guest count that coincides with budget.
  3. Hire a planner.
  4. Choose a venue that accommodates budget and guests.
  5. Hire a photographer.
  6. Cover the basics.
  7. Make it meaningful.

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