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Bethany & Will’s Hill Country Wedding

As I often do on wedding day, I batted a thousand on my infamous ability to mess up people’s names. I referred to Bethany as Whitney, Lauren as Bethany, Kenneth as Randall and even referred to my assistant, Brentley, as Karley. But despite this AND the all-day forecast of 35-40% chance of thunderstorms, the day… Read More

The Springs at New Braunfels Wedding

Even though I limit the number of weddings I personally commission each year, I still try to get out and shoot weddings as often as possible. I do this by second shooting with other photographers as often as they’ll have me. This allows me to lend my services and help out my fellow colleagues, and… Read More

Nessa & Scott’s Backyard Wedding

Even though Nessa and Scott’s April 7th wedding had been six years in the making, they had less than four months to actually plan for it. Nessa always knew that Scott would ask her to marry him, she just didn’t know when.  After all, she is his Goose and he is her Mav—references to a 1986 movie about a… Read More

The Oaks at Heavenly Wedding

If it seems like I haven’t blogged in forever, it’s because I haven’t blogged in forever! I shot this wedding late last year, but it seems like only yesterday that I witnessed this beautiful wedding at the Oaks at Heavenly between Kelli and Jay. And, there was a bonus. I ran into Emily–a model of mine from… Read More

Matt & Cara’s San Antonio Riverwalk Wedding

Last November I had the wonderful opportunity to knock two items off of my photography bucket list: 1—shoot a San Antonio riverwalk wedding and 2—shoot a wedding with longtime photography friend, Chrystina Straughan of Straughan Photography. Matt & Cara’s San Antonio Riverwalk Wedding Click To Tweet I second for Chrystina at the Rio Plaza. Matt… Read More

Industrial Glam Wedding (Styled Shoot)

With an undiscovered miscommunication about the submission deadline, this styled shoot was planned, green lighted, cast, organized, logistically orchestrated, executed, shot and wrapped up within six days. Six days. The deadline was actually December 28. However, after a brief conversation about a possible submission on the 12th, planning actually began on November 19. The shoot… Read More

Shelby & Jordan’s Strawberry Pines Wedding

What do you do when you can’t fit everyone you want to invite to your wedding inside your hometown tiny church? You take the church to Strawberry Pines of course. Well, theoretically speaking anyway.   Shelby & Jordan’s Strawberry Pines Wedding Click To Tweet Jordan is a third-generation Bowen family member from Christine, Texas. The Bowen… Read More

Hill Country Wedding at Kendall Plantation

Earlier in the year, I had the pleasure of second-shooting a hill country wedding with Shelly Beck of Shelly Beck Photography. Payton and Eric had their June wedding at the Kendall Plantation in Boerne. Kendall Plantation is gorgeous Boerne wedding venue and it was an equally gorgeous day!!  Hill Country Wedding at Kendall Plantation Click… Read More

Eleanor & Thomas’ South Texas Wedding

Eleanor and Thomas’ love story is an atypical one. Their love story doesn’t follow the usual pattern of love, marriage and then babies. Their love story began in Maryland and sounds more like love… lots of love…. 37 wonderful years of love and then marriage. Eleanor & Thomas’ South Texas Wedding Click To Tweet As… Read More

Cole & Erin’s Gruene Wedding

I have been following fellow San Antonio wedding photographer Lisa Blashke’s work, Lisa on Location, for a few years now. I was elated when she recently invited me to New Braunfels to The Chandelier of Gruene to second shoot Cole and Erin’s wedding. Cole & Erin’s Gruene Wedding Click To Tweet Let me just start… Read More

Pay it Forward: Miriam & Neto’s Wedding

The idea of this “Pay it Forward” wedding all stemmed from one bride having to cancel her special day. Normally, this would be a very sad day. However, she was able to turn it into something very positive. She asked Bartenders4You to donate her deposit to a special couple in need. Bartenders4You ran a contest to… Read More