Destrianna never thought she’d be a Corpus Christi bride as the result of downloading Tinder. However, that’s kinda what happened.

Her best friend convinced her to download the most-used romance app on the planet, but it was mostly a joke to Destrianna. She had no real intention of finding her Prince Charming on the “dating app.” She actually found the idea of finding lasting love by “swiping right” a bit ridiculous.

corpus christi bride and groom making romantic portraits on their wedding night

Even after Destrianna girlishly swiped right on Logan’s profile and the app announced, “You matched,” she still didn’t think much about it. But when he messaged back a few days later and their message thread carried out over a few weeks, she started to think about all the possibilities.

Corpus Christi Bride

bride and groom walking at sunset during the golden hour

Destrianna and Logan first met in 2016. After that meeting, she confessed to one of her best friends that she’d marry him and become a Corpus Christi bride—even though they weren’t even dating yet.

But the wait was not long, they started dating in 2017. They dated for four years when Logan popped the question.

On March 28, 2021, Destrianna was turning 27 years old. A dinner was planned with Logan and some friends. Originally, they planned a nice sit-down dinner followed by some couples photography with one of her best friends who is a photographer and was looking to update her website.

But, “per usual” (Logan’s words), Destrianna took too long getting dressed and they couldn’t get into Grimaldi’s in time and had to settle for Cane’s chicken tenders in the car on the way to the photo location.

corpus christi bride and groom during grand entrance at strawberry pines wedding venue

They had planned to take these portraits on the staircase of The Art Museum of South Texas, but the doors were locked. So they tried the other side where there is a cute little grassy area and lamp posts. Destrianna remembers it being pretty cold that day and Shayla bringing a dress and heels for her to wear because “she had a vision” for her photography page. This went right over Destrianna’s head and she didn’t give a second thought to it.

Logan was dressed nice so Destrianna just went with it. She changed in the back of Logan’s car, like any proper Texas gal would have, and then confesses she froze half to death walking to the “picture spot”. Shayla directed the couple to a few different poses and then moved Logan back a little behind Destrianna—you know, for one of those shots where one person is in focus and the other one is not?

All the while, the photographer was taking shots and still offering posing direction when she finally asked, “Destrianna, can you turn around for me?”

And there he was—Logan, on a chivalrous knee. Destrianna was super surprised and didn’t know what to say at first. She knew this would happen one day, but not this day.

strawberry pines all inclusive wedding ceremony

The other friend was FaceTiming the whole thing to share in real-time with two of Destrianna’s other best friends who were not able to be there—one from New York and one from Nevada. They saw the entire thing unfold and Destrianna had had absolutely no clue. She was even more shocked to learn that her family had been in on the plan and had not even given a single peep of a hint that anything this grand was about to happen.

After pictures and the proposal were finished, Logan blindfolded Destrianna. She trusted him but had no idea what he was up to. She was relieved to walk into their house and find everyone they cared about the most in the entire world waiting to celebrate with them. Destrianna loves this moment because Logan put so much thought into it, they got to celebrate a birthday and an engagement on the same day, and she got to do all this with the people she loves most.

They had the most romantic all-inclusive wedding on October 23, 2021 at Strawberry Pines—a real working ranch wedding venue—in Poteet, Texas. Basically, all Destrianna and Logan had to do was grab her dress and his suit and head north to just south of San Antonio to recite their marriage vows. Almost everything was pre-arranged for them. They pretty much just showed up and said, “I do.” No stress to becoming a Corpus Christi bride.

Here are all the wonderful wedding day creatives who made this a special day for Destrianna and Logan:

Venue: Strawberry Pines
Planner: Whitney’s Weddings and Decor
Photography: Ata-Girl Photography Co., LLC
Videography: Autumn Leigh Studios
Makeup: Better Brows and Beauty
Hair: Crowned by CJ
Floral: Lesleys Flowers and Gifts
Rentals: Party Rentals in Devine
Rentals: Soft Play San Antonio
Lighting: Alpha Lit San Antonio

Enjoy some of my favorite images from Destrianna and Logan’s all-inclusive Strawberry Pine’s wedding, then be sure to watch the slideshow at the end!

If you’d like to see all the images from this all-inclusive Strawberry Pine’s wedding , please enjoy this video. For the best quality, be sure to change the video player settings to 1080 HD. 

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