Lessons for the Recent Graduate

Graduation is a time when students officially enter young adulthood. It can be a time of excitement and worry. I remember the feeling of being lost at graduation. I had no idea where I was headed. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had not discovered any real passions in life. I don’t… Read More

Why It’s More Important Now Than Ever to Print

Imagery has evolved greatly over the last few decades—both in terms of what we capture and how we capture it. Today’s images are some of the most beautiful, detail-oriented, thought-provoking, history-preserving images we have. Yet, they are literally disappearing right before our eyes. Why It’s More Important Now Than Ever to Print Click To Tweet… Read More

Graduation Traditions

This weekend, many high schools and colleges across the country will be reading names from endless lists of graduates as they are called to cross a stage and receive their diplomas. There are many traditions that have resulted and been long standing after the commencement exercises are over… like moving your tassel from left to right,… Read More

No One Achieves Success Alone

No one achieves success alone. No one. Behind every successful person is a team. We all need a team to accomplish great things in life. Even as an entrepreneur, I am no different. I have spent the last eight years building my “team.” I have attended many photography workshops and seminars to garner my team of… Read More

Tips for the Best Man

I’ve written my 17 tips for the maid of honor, 16 tips for the bridesmaids and 16 tips for the groomsmen, now I give you my best tips for the best man! Compared to the maid of honor, your job is simple really. Your two basic functions are to plan the bachelor party and make sure… Read More

High School Graduation Attire

What is the proper high school graduation attire? Think about this. You are “walking the stage” in front of hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. This is your very first official chance to say to the world, “I am an adult. Hear me roar.”  You may think that just because you have on that long… Read More

17 Tips for the Maid of Honor

I’ve written my 16 tips for the bridesmaids and 16 tips for the groomsmen, now I give you my 17 best tips for the maid of honor!  Metaphorically speaking, if the bride is the quarterback, you are the center. You too must memorize all the plays and make sure they are carried out to perfection. And as… Read More

My Chihuahua, Ozzie

CAUTION: Bias, prejudice and favoritism follows. Ozzie came into our lives in 2007. He was a mere one-pound, something-ounce puppy. He was originally intended as a gift for my daughters from my roommate. That didn’t last the night. I insisted that he sleep with me so that I could house train him. I argued that… Read More

10 Tips to be the Best Photography Client

Everyone loves a good working relationship, right? And you… you want to have a great photography experience? These ten foolproof tips will ensure you are the best photography client possible. You’re photographer will LOVE YOU if you follow these ten tips! 10 Tips to be the Best Photography Client Click To Tweet Here are ten simple tips to… Read More

Pay it Forward: Miriam & Neto’s Wedding

The idea of this “Pay it Forward” wedding all stemmed from one bride having to cancel her special day. Normally, this would be a very sad day. However, she was able to turn it into something very positive. She asked Bartenders4You to donate her deposit to a special couple in need. Bartenders4You ran a contest to… Read More

17 Reasons Why Your Photos Aren’t Ready

I recently spoke with the mother of a groom who told me that they still have not received the final images from her son’s wedding. This wedding happened more than a-month-and-a-half ago. Did you hear me? More than 45 days ago. In addition, this mother was told that it would be a full 90 days… Read More

Tips for Groomsmen

 A few weeks ago, I offered my 16 best tips for being a fabulous bridesmaid! Here are my 16 tips for groomsmen you will want to share. Tips for Groomsmen Click To Tweet Again, I’ll start with the obvious. The bridesmaids are not your dating pool for the night (or leading up to the wedding night)…. Read More