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European Tour: Italy Review

We visited two cities in Italy: Milan and Venice. I know for a fact that I am not going to give Milan a fair shake in this review because it’s based on about a 24-hour stay in which I was nearly mugged; however, there is nothing in my being that makes me ever want to… Read More

2018 WPPI

I leave in three short days to the Wedding & Portrait Professionals International. Each year between 13,000-20,000 photographers flock to Las Vegas for one of the biggest photographer gatherings in the world for an entire week. WPPI combines educational seminars, a major industry trade show and networking events. All the events are designed around learning the… Read More

I am a Certified Photographer

I am a San Antonio certified photographer! After enrolling in a certification course from the New York Institute of Photography over a year ago, I finally received the good news today that I passed! I can now add the letters “WPPI-C” after my name! 😉 I am a Certified Photographer Click To Tweet Photography certification… Read More

European Tour: Madrid Review

I have had Spain on my bucket list since being stationed in Germany in the early-1990’s. I actually wished I had visited then when my Spanish was a lot better. European Tour: Madrid Review Click To Tweet Last October, after I finished the Fantastic 3 Workshop with Nik Pekridis, Keda.Z, and Johnson Wee, I embarked… Read More

European Tour: London Review

Last October, after I finished the Fantastic 3 Workshop with Nik Pekridis, Keda.Z, and Johnson Wee, I embarked on the vacation of a lifetime. I stayed an additional 17 days touring through six other European countries after leaving Scotland. I visited the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and France. European Tour: London Review… Read More

Invitation to Studio 206

As long as I have been a photographer, I have dreamed of having a photography studio… a real life, brick and mortar, inventory of backdrops and chairs and other beautiful props, plucked-straight-from-NYC studio! After nearly eight years in the business, this past October I took the plunge and I made that dream a reality. Invitation… Read More

Yervant’s Creative Live Review

I had an amazing opportunity to return to Seattle for another Creative Live workshop. This was my second trip this year to take advantage of a wonderful learning resource available to creatives and entrepreneurs! This trip was to learn from another iconic master wedding photographer. Yervant!! I’m still pinching myself that I was actually selected… Read More

Father’s Day with Pops

I don’t always get to spend Father’s Day with my father. For a while now, he’s been spending Father’s Day watching volleyball usually in another state far far away. Even though this year, he was only going to be in San Antonio watching bikinis volleyball, you can imagine how excited I was to hear the… Read More

No One Achieves Success Alone

No one achieves success alone. No one. Behind every successful person is a team. We all need a team to accomplish great things in life. Even as an entrepreneur, I am no different. I have spent the last eight years building my “team.” I have attended many photography workshops and seminars to garner my team of… Read More

My Chihuahua, Ozzie

CAUTION: Bias, prejudice and favoritism follows. Ozzie came into our lives in 2007. He was a mere one-pound, something-ounce puppy. He was originally intended as a gift for my daughters from my roommate. That didn’t last the night. I insisted that he sleep with me so that I could house train him. I argued that… Read More

I’m Going to be on TV

I attended Rocco Ancora’s PLUS Class at the 2017 WPPI in Las Vegas earlier this year. It was called The Anatomy of a Fine Art Print. This wasn’t the first time I had invested in Rocco’s willingness to share his skills, knowledge and expertise. I also hired Rocco to post-process and prepare my 2017 WPPI image competition prints… Read More