Eleanor & Thomas’ South Texas Wedding

Eleanor and Thomas’ love story is an atypical one. Their love story doesn’t follow the usual pattern of love, marriage and then babies. Their love story began in Maryland and sounds more like love… lots of love…. 37 wonderful years of love and then marriage. Eleanor & Thomas’ South Texas Wedding Click To Tweet As… Read More

Tips to Choosing Trustworthy Wedding Vendors

How do you choose trustworthy wedding vendors? In the span of a week, two bridal shops abruptly closed their doors in the San Antonio area—one after filing for bankruptcy, the other for non-paid states sales tax for over a year. The two closures left a long string of brides in a panic and rightfully so…. Read More

Bailey’s San Antonio Portrait Session

Bailey was my model for the day! She responded to an online model call earlier in the summer. Sometimes, I host model calls where I’m looking for very specific things to photograph in order to test new equipment or techniques, venture to new locations, or as in this case, try and capture some images worthy… Read More

Firefly Farm Venue Review, Wimberley Wedding Venue

Wow! First of all, any place that has a dog named Prince and Elvis images hanging on the walls is something pretty special in my book. Even with that aside, this Wimberley wedding venue had everything… and I mean EVERYTHING going for it… even its very own love story. Firefly Farm Venue Review, Wimberley Wedding Venue… Read More

Father’s Day with Pops

I don’t always get to spend Father’s Day with my father. For a while now, he’s been spending Father’s Day watching volleyball usually in another state far far away. Even though this year, he was only going to be in San Antonio watching bikinis volleyball, you can imagine how excited I was to hear the… Read More

Cole & Erin’s Gruene Wedding

I have been following fellow San Antonio wedding photographer Lisa Blashke’s work, Lisa on Location, for a few years now. I was elated when she recently invited me to New Braunfels to The Chandelier of Gruene to second shoot Cole and Erin’s wedding. Cole & Erin’s Gruene Wedding Click To Tweet Let me just start… Read More

Fame & Shame #24

Here is the latest installment of Fame and Shame—a small peek into my life! Death & Illness: This year started out with a lot of grief for a lot of close friends, and friends of friends of mine and crept into my life as well. I’m ready for that to be over, please. Slow Business: Insanity is… Read More