Many local high school seniors purchased prom dresses, got fitted for tuxes, ordered boutonnieres and corsages, scheduled professional hair and makeup appointments, reserved limos, made pre-prom dinner reservations and created epic prom-prosals for their would-be dates. Sadly, Covid-19 abruptly put an end to many of those seniors’ plans.

second chance prom pandemic prom

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Jourdanton and Poteet High Schools were two of the many high schools across the nation that were negatively impacted.

“I wanted to try to create some sort of prom memories for these kids. I couldn’t imagine having been forced to miss my senior prom. It was such a special time in my life—as long ago as that was. Because I was born and raised here and also because I am a 1987 graduate of Jourdanton High School, I wanted to do what I could to give these local seniors something to remember fondly.”

Tammy, Ata-Girl
pandemic prom second chance prom

Second Chance Prom, Pandemic Prom

This idea was first born in late-April—when no gatherings were allowed. The first plan was to visit each senior door-to-door, or rather porch-to-porch, to deliver flowers and cake and capture images and video of them in their prom attire.

However, when those restrictions were eased up a bit and groups of 10 could gather, I came up with the idea to have this Second Chance Prom in a central location. I knew this would be easier, allow more kids to “attend prom” and I could involve more vendors to make their day even more special.

second chance prom pandemic prom

I immediately began putting together a team of professional event vendors to produce this Second Chance Prom that would be a unique way to celebrate and practice safe social distancing but still give seniors a memory of going to their senior prom. Each of the vendors I contacted jumped on board without any hesitation.

I chose as many local vendors as I could and filled in the gaps with my ILEA friendors! The assembled team was filled with amazing talent and generosity!

second chance prom pandemic prom

Each senior received a personal invitation in the mail to arrive at Strawberry Pines for their individual prom appointment. They were even permitted to bring a date or a Plus 1.

“This was the best prom I’ve ever been to!”


They had the opportunity to purchase corsages and boutonnieres, pet and pose with llamas, take posed pictures in front of a traditional prom backdrop, sit at a decorated dinner table, dance to songs they requested and snap a few photobooth pics before they were given their favor bag and left prom.

second chance prom pandemic prom

“Jake never attended Prom and was looking forward to his Senior year…although there was a pandemic that took over the world you stepped in and gave him a memory to cherish forever. Thank you to everyone who helped in every way! We were blessed. Jake and Vanessa will have stories to tell in the future.”

second chance prom pandemic prom, prom king, prom queen

Some of the pandemic prom attendees even elected to run for a spot on the official prom court. The court was selected by electronic votes being cast. Each of the candidates was encouraged to share a link with their friends and family to try and collect as many votes as possible. Over 1,300 votes were cast for king and queen. Runners-up were named as prince/princess, duke/duchess and cutest lord/lady.

The official Second Chance Prom court was:

  • King & Queen—Jacob and Vanessa (both from JHS)
  • Prince & Princess— John (PHS) and Faith (JHS)
  • Duke & Duchess—Kolby (PHS) and Allie (JHS)
  • Cutest Lord & Lady—Ricky and Karlee (both from JHS)
second chance prom pandemic prom

In addition to the experience and the favor bag, each prom attendee will receive their digital photo gallery and access to a compilation video.

The other vendors who helped to make this event an absolute success were:

In addition, KENS5 Studio gave us a short spot on their Saturday night newsreel.

It was an absolute pleasure for all these seniors and their parents to trust us with one of the most special milestones of the final year in high school. We are eternally grateful!

Enjoy some of my favorite images from this Second Chance Pandemic Prom then be sure to watch the slideshow at the end!

If you’d like to see all the images from this Second Chance Prom [Pandemic Prom], please enjoy this video. (Make sure to stay tuned for the professional video footage captured by Aria Productions!) For the best quality, be sure to change the video player settings to 1080 HD. 

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