Now that Forrest has officially tied the knot, I can finally share her Dominion Country Club bridal session. What a dream it was!

First of all, Forrest is such an incredibly kind soul. She is beautiful inside and out. And now that I’ve had time to really study her face for hours while I post-processed her engagement images, bridal images, and wedding images, I’m realizing she looks a lot like Lisa Marie Presley. I think it’s mostly her lips and eyes, but she definitely favors the King of Rock n’ Roll’s daughter.

Dominion Country Club bridal session

Up until Forrest’s wedding, she and Michael (her new husband—I wrote that like she had an old husband, and that’s so NOT the case) were 911 paramedics in Houston. But now that the wedding day has passed, Forrest will begin a major transition into the part of medical care that happens after the ambulance arrives at the hospital. She’ll begin medical school. And that makes me wonder how many MD versus DDS jokes will be told when she visits her parents—who are both dentists. I’m sure it will all be in good fun because her parents, Bill and Susie, seem like incredible, caring souls—just like the daughter they both raised.

Dominion Country Club Bridal Session

Look at the back of Forrest’s wedding gown! That train and cathedral-length veil are absolutely gorgeous! There is so much detail in the lace. It’s pretty incredible. In fact, Forrest’s entire wedding day ensemble—her dress, veil, shoes—everything was like it was made especially for Forrest.

dominion country club wedding venue

And lastly, I’m just leaving this pretty little image here. This is one reason out of about a billion that you need a wedding planner. Crisell, from Dellightful Little Events, is the epitome of a wedding planner. The following definition of a “wedding planner” is from my book, The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography for Couples Getting Married.

A wedding planner is a contract laborer that you hire who can either walk you through your entire wedding planning process or just the day of your wedding who is highly skilled in all matters and etiquette pertaining to weddings. A wedding planner can refer vendors, review contracts (and keep all vendors accountable), attend meetings with potential vendors, create a detailed wedding day timeline, schedule load-in/load-out and all the logistics in between, take care of any and all mishaps during your day (misplaced rings, late or no-show vendors, finding serving utensils, intoxicated guests) so that you never even know they happened, get your reception room decorated lickity-split, help with family formal portrait time, keep your controlling mother off your back, get you down the aisle right on queue, help you reschedule your wedding (like during a pandemic), help you cancel your wedding should you change your mind so you don’t have to deal with any of that drama, and sometimes even help you stylize and theme your entire day while you drink mimosas. A wedding planner is your wedding angel and you should never get married without one.

bridal session in san antonio

The vendor team who participated in this Dominion Country Club bridal session were:

Venue: The Dominion Country Club
Planner: Dellightful Little Events
Photographer: Ata-Girl Photography
Hair & Makeup Artist: Artistee Lane
Dress Boutique: Liv & Love Bridal

Enjoy some of my favorite images from this San Antonio bridal session then be sure to watch the slideshow at the end!

If you’d like to see all the images from this San Antonio Dominion Country Club bridal portrait session, please enjoy this video. For the best quality, be sure to change the video player settings to 1080 HD. 

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