When I call him on the phone, he answers, “¿Quien habla?”

I respond, “Su hija favorita!”

We usually continue with a few more phrases in Spanish.  And no matter how much I argue with him, I can’t make him believe (or understand) that none of his verbs are conjugated correctly.  He thinks his Spanish is amazing.  ¿Ay, qué piensa el padre?

This Father’s Day, I won’t be able to give my dad his present because he is in Vail, Colorado at the King of the Mountain Volleyball Tournament.  Even though he is 1,039 miles away, I know he is enjoying himself immensely because he is doing something that he enjoys almost more than life itself… volleyball.

Rather than tell you how much my dad has done for volleyball, I’m going to tell you what volleyball has done for my dad.  It has kept him young.  It has kept him healthy, and alert, and mobile.  It has also given him something to do all those nights he spends at Sonic (where teenagers usually hang out).  Volleyball even named a ball after my dad and it got to co-star with Tom Hanks!  So, later this year when my dad turns 67, I will say a quiet thank you to volleyball.

But for now, “Happy Father’s Day al padre mejor en todo del mundo!  !Te amo mucho!”

a-Girl Photography Co. | South Texas Wedding Photographer | Happy Father's Day

Ata-Girl Photography Co. | South Texas Wedding Photographer | Happy Father’s Day



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