Fame & Shame #11

Fame & Shame #9 was posted on August 28th; #10 was posted on November 1st–both in 2012!  That means it’s been almost three months since I’ve posted a Fame & Shame and the last two were two months apart.  And, that’s way too long!  Time to get busy! SHAME Photo Challenges:  Photo Challenges that take a …

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My Portrait Editing Process

As a photographer, I have two clearly defined obligations every time someone hires me to click my shutter button.  #1-I have an obligation to implore every ounce of knowledge I have about photography and put it to go use making their portraits.  #2-After the shutter button has been pressed, I then have to exercise everything I know …

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2012 in Review

This year was a great one!  At the end of last year, I had five distinct goals for 2012.  I didn’t meet these goals 100%, but I am happy with the way things happened to me this year. I will be more committed to my health and happiness.  I didn’t ride 2,000 miles on my bike.  …

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