I love me some JoJo!  Jo Ann and I go way back… to junior high school—some 30 years ago if you’ve got your counting fingers extended!  Jo Ann is one of the most genuine, caring, and spiritual people I know.  I am blessed beyond belief to have her and her family in my life and even more so to have the privilege of calling her my friend.

[pullquote style=”left” quote=”dark”]No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.  ~Robert Southey[/pullquote]

In junior high, we were inseperable—so much in fact, that our coach nicknamed us the Bobsie Twins.  Many a day, I stayed way late after school, oftentimes lying to my parents about a practice, game or tournament, just so that I could hang out with Jo Ann and play Miss Pac-Man at the ice store.  On rare occasions, when we could beg, borrow or steal… no, we never stole money… we’d enjoy pints of Blue Bell ice cream.  Cookies ‘n Cream was our go to!  We gave each other haircuts, learned to emulate bird whistles, and swapped lunches on school field trips.  She loved my mom’s ham sandwiches and I loved her mom’s re-fried bean tacos!  Switching sack lunches was a real treat because neither of us particularly enjoyed what was in our own bags.  We got to eat that every day… so we’d trade!

Like me, Jo Ann enjoyed playing youth sports which kept both of us out of a lot of trouble.  This past weekend, Jo Ann played in a tennis tournament in San Antonio.  Jo Ann lives about four hours away and we don’t get to see each other often.  Even though her match started at 8 am, I made the trek to San Antonio to watch her kick some booty on the court.  Ladies and gentlemen, she still has it!

Jo Ann excels at every sport and especially tennis.  She competes each Sunday in a 9.0 mixed doubles league.  She and her teammate, Peter, won their city division in order to advance to this state-level tournament.  In the end, advancing to the national tournament in Hawaii depended on the Dallas team losing their last match.  And, that didn’t happen.  So, the Mason Creek 9.0 placed second at state.  And that, my friend, is nothing to balk at.

I’m positive Jo Ann has a lot of LOVE, ACES and ANDVANTAGES left in her!  I am happy that Jo Ann still swings a racket after all these years.  I just wished we lived closer together! And, I wish we had known each other since kindergarten. And, I also wish she’d taught me to play tennis. <3

**SourceUNIVERSAL 9 AND 10:  These players are among the best players in an area. Junior players at these levels are highly likely to play U.S. Collegiate Division 1 NCAA tennis. Junior girls will be among the top players nationally. Adults at this level may maintain this standard into his or her fifties if they are sufficiently motivated. These are very talented individuals. Females at this level will be very accomplished. These players are often motivated by the “love of the game”.


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