According to most wedding industry experts, most couples style their wedding around a palette of signature colors.  However, an increasing number are also choosing a theme or style.  Strapless ball gowns, delicate jewels, something blue… some trends never go out of style.   But couples are personalizing their wedding days by interjecting their unique styles and interests.   According to my research on Google, here are the most popular wedding themes and styles for 2013.


San Antonio Wedding Themes

#6 – Wild-Card: Glamping: Last June, Matthew McConaughey made glamping a house-hold term.  Brides are loving the idea of a grown-up summer camp—the term combines glamorous with camping.  You’re outdoors, but there is no roughing it.  Think brown paper bag programs, benches and pillows, cocktail hour picnic baskets, blankets spread on the ground and games of horseshoes and washers.  Couples share their love of the outdoors with the wedding guests, but no one is uncomfortable.  Matthew even provided air conditioned tents for his overnight guests at his Austin ranch.

#5- Sleek & Modern: Modern brides are opting for modern weddings with bold, sleek, and clean architectural lines.  The style is crisp and highly sophisticated.  Symmetry and balance are important aspects of this aesthetic, but the most important element to pulling off this design is to buck tradition.  A modern wedding is more like a fabulous and fun party.  Get creative; forget about formalities!  Wear a blush-colored wedding dress or skip the bouquet toss and give it to your grandmother.

#4 – Techy Wedding:  E-invitations, nuptials streamed live over the Internet, virtual guests, interactive speeches with songs, dances and multimedia presentations, and even customized hashtags are making their way into the wedding world!  Facebook and Skype are even being used in the mix to help in the planning process.  Forget about paper invitations and formal RSVP cards!  These techy weddings involve having your guests use a smart phone and QR (quick response) code to respond to your wedding invitation.  Fun fact:  Royals, Kate and William, kept everyone informed with their wedding website (

#3 – Homestead Elegance: Ritzy ranches, Mason jars, rustic pine columns, antique picture frames, and long-flowing drapes are used in this look.  Think of it as very romantic and natural.  Use neutral colors like browns, green, and nudes for the decor elements.  Slices of aspen and birch bark for the centerpieces are the perfect accents.  Antlers, feathers and recycled vegetable tins will also be combined into the look.  The tablescapes will add a polished look to a natural surrounding.  Anticipate rolling hills or majestic mountains to be the altar’s backdrop.


#2 – Royal Flair:  This look will stop nothing short of an elegant, epic love story straight from Buckingham Palace.  From lush centerpieces and show-stopping chandeliers to laced-lined invitations and jeweled wedding stationery, this theme is the most sophisticated and elegant.  The simplest thing you can do to modernize your wedding, is modernize your vows.  For example, Kate chose to remove the word “obey” from her modernized vows to Price William.  All-white flowers, sleeved wedding gowns, nine-foot trains, and being announced with court trumpeters are all details that can put your royal affair over the edge.

#1 – Inspired by the Great Gasby/Art Deco:  Look to the Roaring 20’s for inspiration here.  Hollywood is coming back into fashion and so is chandeliers, rhinestones, flowing fabrics, arm-length gloves, prohibition-era cocktails, sequined linens and gold flatware and glassware.  The invitation, the altar backdrop, the cake… everything will be decorated with geometric shapes.  Imagine your bridesmaids wearing flapper style knee-length dresses with fringed trims and strings of pearls dancing to the tunes of a jazz trio.  Swap the traditional veil for a headpiece accented with large jewels and feathers.  Complete the look with romantic flowers and cascading bouquets featuring Casa Blanca lilies, stephanotis, fragrant gardenias and cabbage roses.

However, if you’re just looking for a sure-fire way to ensure your guests have a great time and to make sure they remember your wedding night for a long time coming, just make sure it fits your style.  You don’t have to follow a particular trend or theme to create a personalized, memorable, once-in-a-lifetime event.  Be true to your heart!



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