Life is a Story (cont.)

As I stated earlier, my sister’s birthday is today!!  This year, I am giving her a very special gift.  It’s not an expensive gift.  It’s not a rare gift.  I didn’t have to travel to any corner of the world to get her gift, but I’m betting this will be a gift that will be very special to her.  It’s a gift that documents our life together.

Life is a Story | Ata-Girl Photography Co. | South Texas Professional Photographer
Life is a Story | Ata-Girl Photography Co. | South Texas Professional Photographer

My sister and I have endured some really tough times over the years.  Sadistic as it may sound, it’s these traumatic experiences that have brought us closer together.  I’m not glad that any of them happened, but like they say, “Something good always comes from something bad.”  The something good is the strength and bond my sister I have.  I hope we never lose it.

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Life is a story.  Until next time, be positive, be happy, be healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed.



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