I’m going to give you the top ten reasons to hire a professional photographer. But first, have you ever heard any backhanded compliments like this?

(1) “That custom-sewn wedding dress is exquisite, you must have a GREAT sewing machine!”  (2) “That was a fantastic dinner, you must have a GREAT stove!”  (3)  “That bouquet is beautiful, you must have a GREAT garden!”

Okay, I think you get the point.  These things would never be said to a seamstress, chef, or florist.  Yet every day, people compliment a photographer’s camera.  While it is true that a camera with a better light sensor or faster glass can take a better picture, the person who clicks the shutter button ultimately makes the photo what it is.  Anyone can take a snapshot, but only an experienced professional can capture the moment.  Here are ten reasons why you should hire a professional photographer to capture your special day. Here are my top ten reasons to hire a professional photographer:

Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer

  1. Peace of Mind:  Hire a professional instead of relying on on a family member or friends to photograph the event.  That way, Uncle Joe won’t miss the cake cutting because he’s catching up with Cousin Emily.
  2. Access:  Professional photographers have access to pro-level resources like print labs and album companies.  Anyone can order a photo book from Snapfish, but not everyone can order an heirloom wedding album from KISS.
  3. Experience:  Not only do professionals have nice equipment, but they have demonstrated a skill and knowledge to consistently produce pleasing images.  They don’t take pictures hoping that “they turn out.”  They are skillfully prepared for bad lighting situations, uncooperative subjects, and unexpected changes in the day’s schedule.
  4. Photo Equipment:  Professionals have invested thousands of dollars in their equipment.  Today, many people own DSLR’s, but most DSLR owners shoot in “Automatic” or “Program” mode.  Most professionals have learned how to properly use the camera in “Manual” mode and have also invested thousands of dollars in their lenses.  They’re not using kit lenses to photograph a $20,000 wedding.
  5. Software & Computer for Post Processing:  Professional photographers purchase professional-level software and have spent many hours learning how to use it.  They also invest a lot of money in the computer systems needed to run this software.  They don’t just turn over images to you straight out of the camera.  They deliver images that have been processed using the latest software and techniques to ensure the images look the best they can look.
  6. Insurance:  What if Aunt Edna accidentally trips on a camera bag, falls in the pool and breaks a hip? A professional can cover that.
  7. Backup Plans:  Professionals have more than one camera body.  Professionals have access to and often use second shooters, back up their images… sometimes even remotely and will keep your images for years to come should something happen to your copies.
  8. Diligence & Dedication:  Professional photographers spend a lot of time and money attending professional seminars and workshops.  (On average, I attend at least two of these each year to hone my craft and keep up to date in the field.) 
  9. Vested Interest:  A professional photographer is going to perform above and beyond your expectations.  Not only are they going to deliver great images, great products and great customer service, they are protecting their brand image in doing so.  Their reputation is what puts meat on their table.  They have a vested interested in performing well—repeatedly and consistently.
  10. History Preservation:  The average cost of today’s wedding is $20,000.  The ONLY thing you will keep, besides the dress, is the photographs.  The music, food, flowers, cake and venue will all be gone the day after the wedding, but you will have your photographs forever.  Make sure they tell the story you want them to.

I make it my personal mission to create a set of images that permanently cements this moment in your mind forever.  It is my goal that each image will make you relive that exact moment, stop time and induce all the same feelings you had the second the shutter was pressed.  Images mean the world to me, and I want them to mean the world to you as well.

In closing, I spent several minutes trying to figure out how to spell “exquisite” and here is a cute video I found on YouTube. Also, please see all the reasons I lay out why a professional photographer charges what they do. I think you’ll be more surprised what you MAY NOT be paying for more than what you are paying for when you’re hiring your wedding day photographer.

Be happy, be positive, be healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed!

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