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What to Expect from Your Wedding Photographer (Part I)

Last week, I briefly touched on choosing a photographer in two posts about planning your wedding, here and here.  I recommended choosing your photographer at least 10 months prior to your wedding so that you could also take care of your engagement photos at that time.  And finally, I recommended sitting down with your photographer to “educate them” about a month prior.


When I say “educate your photographer,” I don’t mean teach them how to use a camera, or request certain angles or very specific shots.  I don’t even recommend giving your photographer a requested shot list.  I’ve heard nightmares about brides listing extremely detailed shots (ie. picture of the rings, on a pillow, in front of a stain glassed window, with a blurry background.)  Once, I even read about a request list that asked for a shot of the groom carrying the bride into the reception hall.  The photographer was unable to capture that moment because it never happened.  The bride and groom walked hand-in-hand into the reception hall when they were announced.  And the bride was upset at her photographer for not capturing her being carried into the reception!!  That makes no sense to  me.


Once you’ve decided on a budget for a wedding photographer, start shopping.  Ask for referrals.  Take the time to look through their portfolios and ensure that their photography style is what you have in mind for your wedding images.  Read their blog.  Check their Facebook and Twitter.  Call them.  Set up a consultation.  If you’re out-of-state, Skype them.  See how committed they are to their business.  Make sure their personality is one that will mesh nicely with yours. Read the testimonials and see what past clients are saying. Make an educated choice!  Do your homework!

Do not, I repeat, do not choose a photographer based on cost alone.  If your wedding images are important to you… If, in the future, you will look at the images and reminisce about your wedding day… If the images are something you want to cherish do not let price alone determine who will photograph your wedding.  And, if that’s not enough reason, read this blog listing 10 reasons to hire a professional.


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Please feel free to browse my wedding portfolio or my engagement portfolio.  Until next time, be positive, be happy, be healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed.

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