See the Light!

Funny.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this very issue lately.  When we don’t take time out to get to know people, or even speak to people, people tend to pass judgment.  I’m including myself in this group of “people”.  I’ve often thought I that I didn’t really care for someone.  Most times, this is without even knowing a person.  It was only because I didn’t know them very well, I had made my mind that I didn’t like them.  What a vicious cycle!  I’m sorry to say that it took me until my 40s to realize this flaw.  I’m now going to make a conscious effort to speak to people.  My hope is that I will get to know more people and that more people will get to know me without all the pretense of not “liking” each other for no good reason.

A few weeks ago, my favorite online resource for learning, CreativeLive, hosted Photographers Ignite 2012.  Twelve photography professionals each made a 5-minute presentation about anything they wanted.  Here’s the video of Tamara Lackey talking about getting to know someone as soon as possible.  Amazing insight.

Until next time, be positive, be happy, be healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed.



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