I’ve known Breanna ever since was a member of the Red Hots in Little League.  Since then, she has been a pretty regular fixture in my house. Some of the times, it was actually enjoyable. (hahaha!  Sorry, Bree!  I just had to!)  If she’s here, I know it.  I cannot hear Pink’s Raise Your Glass without thinking of this goofy girl. (So if you’re too school for cool. Eek!)

Breanna is absolutely stunning when she smiles. If I could cast one spell on Breanna, it would be that she always has a smile on her face. She has the prettiest golden brown eyes that nearly make it impossible to not like her. And, her face is adorned with the cutest freckles.

Breanna is a senior at my alma matter (Once a Squaw, always a Squaw!) and she has applied to six colleges. One of them has already offered Breanna an academic scholarship. Besides being extremely beautiful, she is also extremely smart. Have I mentioned she’ll be graduating early? She’ll be finished with her high school education this December (a whole semester early), and then she’s going to embark on a month-long trip to Australia to visit an ol’ friend. This girl is extremely blessed! I am thankful she chose ME to capture the beginning of the rest of her life. (Call me when it’s wedding time, Breanna!  And NO MORE PINK!)

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