Planning for Your Wedding Day (Part II)

Last week, I chronicled what should take place during the first eight months of your wedding planning.  What follows is the second half of a basic order of events to use when planning for your wedding day.  Establishing the aesthetic part of your wedding is definitely the fun part.  However, the wedding details can become overwhelming in a hurry.  There are so many things to plan for; the coordination of all this detail can quickly take the enjoyment away if you’re not careful.  So, I have put together this simple check list to refer to and keep yourself as sane as possible.  Whether you’re a bride-to-be, parent, Maid of Honor, or attendee, this list will let you know what to expect and how to be better prepared.  Please keep in mind, that although this checklist is based on a yearlong plan, it can be adjusted for either longer or shorter planning timelines.


2 Months Out

  • Mail the Invitations:  Typically, wedding invitations are sent out six to eight weeks prior to the wedding ceremony.
  • Write & Memorize Vows:  If you are writing your own vows, it’s a nice touch if you memorize them. However, don’t be afraid to make note cards for reference.  There is no way how to tell how nervous you’ll actually be on your wedding day.  Having a backup plan will prevent moments of awkward silence.
  • Purchase Day-Of Accessories: Don’t forget something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue when you’re planning what you’ll be wearing the day of your wedding.  You’ll need shoes, jewelry, hairpieces, veil, and lingerie.  Many brides also opt for a comfortable dress to change in for the reception and a second, even more comfortable get away outfit.
  • Confirm Transportation:  Determine how you, the bridal party, and your families will be getting to and from the wedding location.

6 Weeks Out

  • Apply for Marriage License: Check your local requirements and details.  Also, keep in mind some state’s marriage licenses are only valid for 30 days.  If that’s the case, you’ll want to secure your license inside of that window.
  • Print Ceremony Incidentals:  Make sure all of the wedding programs, reception programs, seating cards, menus, and nametags are printed and ready to go.

1 Month Out

  • Bachelorette Party: Typically, the Maid of Honor plans this with the rest of the bridesmaids. But, there isn’t a hard and fast rule as to when to plan a bachelorette party.  Just find the best date that works for your bridal party.
  • Bridal Shower: The groom’s mother’s close friend typically hosts the bridal shower.
  • Photographer Instructions:  I do not personally recommend giving your photographer a detailed shot list.  I’ve heard nightmare stories about brides listing extremely detailed shots (ie. picture of the rings, on a pillow, in front of a stain glassed window, with a blurry background.)  If you’ve hired and paid for a photographer, then I can only deduce that you like their style; therefore, you must also trust them.  Giving your photographer very specific demands, like the one listed above, will add undue stress.  They are there serving your best interests and they want nothing more than to document your wedding day perfectly.

What I do recommend is educating your photographer.  Let them know who your extra special family members and friends are.  Let me know that the black ribbons the party is wearing will represent your deceased grandmother, or that you have a special locket in your bouquet.  Should your photographer have any questions during the day, have your Maid of Honor serve as the go-to girl.  I provide my brides and grooms with a worksheet to document important things for the day and also to have a handy reference on the day of.

2 Weeks Out

  • Final Dress Fitting:  It’s not only wise to start breaking in your wedding shoes at this point, it’s also a perfect time to test how your accessories will look with the dress.  This will give you ample time should changes be needed.
  • Review Music with DJ/Band: Touch base with your band or DJ to finalize the playlist and confirm special request songs.

1 Week Out

  • Final Headcount: Confirm the numbers with your rental companies (chairs, tables) as well as your caterer once you have reviewed all the RSVPs.
  • Finalize Seating Chart: Sit friends and acquaintances together whenever possible. It will make your guests feel more comfortable and have a better time.

48 Hours Before

  • Nail Appointment: You will want your manicure and pedicure as fresh as possible. 
  • Spray Tan: If bronzed skin is important to you, get an airbrush spray tan.  Tanning beds are not worth any of the risks associated with them.
  • Wrap Party Gifts: Do not wait until the last minute to wrap the gifts for the groomsmen and brides maids.

Day Before

  • Rehearsal Dinner: Enjoy!
  • Bridal Party Gifts: Typically, gifts are given the day before the wedding especially if the gift is something that can be worn during the ceremony.

 Day Of Magic!

  • Live happily ever after!  There is no such thing as a perfect wedding.  Remember to enjoy the moment.  After all, it’s your moment.  It flies by, so try to remember to breathe, soak it all in and have fun!

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