I’ve written my 17 tips for the maid of honor16 tips for the bridesmaids and 16 tips for the groomsmen, now I give you my best tips for the best man!

Compared to the maid of honor, your job is simple really. Your two basic functions are to plan the bachelor party and make sure the groom has whatever he needs. In a nutshell, that’s it.

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Tips for the Best Man

  1. Keep a clear line of communications open with all of the groomsmen and let them know all dates, times and locations for events that they are expected to be present at. This will include showers, fittings, rehearsals, etc.
  2. Rally the guys together and organize a great wedding gift for the groom—something functional that he can use as a married man. You can gift this at any of the showers, the bachelor party, or wait until the actual wedding reception.
  3. Help to arrange accommodations for all of the out-of-town groomsmen.
  4. If your wedding day attire includes pocket squares or actual ties (not the clip-on variety), make sure you know how to complete this task prior to the wedding day. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen groomsmen scrambling for someone in the know on the wedding day. This is your chance to be a hero!tips-for-best-man-san-antonio-wedding-photographer-4S1_3443
  5. While we’re at it, learn how to put on your boutonniere too!
  6. Be a great escort for the maid of honor and keep in mind that this doesn’t automatically qualify her as your date for the night.
  7. Write a killer speech for the groom. Make it personal with real stories funny enough to make him laugh out loud yet not send his mom to the ladies’ room in embarrassment.
  8. Dance with the groom’s mom!
  9. Above all, remember to behave and do your best to keep the other groomsmen in line as well. Alcohol has a tendency to make people do crazy things.

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