Oaks at Heavenly Wedding

Check out this Oaks at Heavenly wedding! If you’re a wedding professional or have numerous friends and get invited to a lot of weddings in the San Antonio area, then you are probably familiar with this wall. This wall is… well, heavenly. Of course.

The first time I had the privilege at shooting at The Oaks at Heavenly was with lead photographer Sara Griffin of Sara Griffin Photography. Yes, I love my second shooting gigs—and for many reasons! First, it gives me an opportunity to keep my skills sharp. It gives me a bit of freedom to experiment and try things that maybe I wouldn’t ordinarily at my own weddings. I’m not talking about anything crazy like climbing onto a rooftop and hanging upside-down to get a shot, but more like using gridded speedlights during more of the reception, or challenging myself to find extremely new and unique angles, or possibly using just one lens for an entire hour.

Oaks at Heavenly Wedding

But also, second shooting usually always means that I am assigned to the groom and his entourage prior to the ceremony. This is something I never get to do at my own weddings. I don’t get to hang out with the rowdy groomsmen swilling tequila, telling inappropriate jokes, and letting unbecoming sounds escape from their bodies. I don’t get to watch Dad watch his son getting dressed for the big day and gently remind the other boys to dial it down just a bit that there will be plenty of time for hell raising. I don’t get to see the groom’s face swell with emotion as he reads a final love letter from his lover bride before she meets him under the altar. These are all tender moments I miss 100% of the time when I don’t second shoot.

Kelli and Jay’s wedding day was beautiful. During the day, the sun was out in full force but the temperature never stretched beyond a cool, flawless 68°. The night temperature dropped, but still was ideally bearable—especially for a sweater. The day was perfectly suited for a Texas hill country wedding.

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In reference to spending the pre-ceremony with Jay, there was no rambunctious behavior, no colorful language, no jokes or gestures directed at the groom for his pinheaded decision to “get hitched.” In his case, it was just an afternoon spent with his kids and closest friends on the day he wed the love of his life. Although, his two sons did happen to ceremoniously swill copious amounts of water from the shot glasses.

Please enjoy these few images depicting the sweetness that happened that day.

**The images contained in this blog post were shot under the direction and for assignment of Sara Griffin Photography. The images are copyrighted but used herein with permission.

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