What Happens After I Press the Button?

When I press the shutter button on my camera, I have only completed a small portion of my work.  Generally speaking, if I shoot pictures for an hour, I’ll spend three to four hours editing those pictures.  But, if I’m doing a single person session, I have been known to spend even more time than that perfecting the images.  If I neglected the image at the time I captured it (improper exposure, distracting background, or closed eyes, for example), I can spend as much as 30 minutes editing just one image.  My goal is always to spend the least amount of time as possible on post processing.

However, I have not always edited my pictures.  When I first started dabbling in photography, I simply didn’t want to invest the time it took to post process my images.  I didn’t think it was important or necessary.  Simply put, it’s a time consuming process and not a very enjoyable experience… at least until the finished product is produced.  Images straight out of the camera tend to be a little flat and I have since come to the realization that not only does this process enhance the images I capture, but that I owe it to my clients.  They are paying for a professional image and they expect a professional image.  Therefore, I try to deliver a professional image.  Post processing is a necessity in today’s professional photography world.

I use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom for all my editing and each image I capture receives this special treatment.  These are two very powerful softwares (especially Photoshop) and they have very steep learning curves.  It has taken me years to learn these softwares.  These softwares allow me to take an unusable picture and showcase a genuine laugh that would have otherwise been lost.  I never make such drastic changes that the editing jeopardizes the authenticity or changes the reality of the photograph.  This tweaking process allows me to polish an image with colors that pop and add a level of crispness and sharpness that cannot be obtained straight out of the camera.

Even after years of learning and experience with post processing, I still haven’t mastered this task. I still consider myself at an apprentice, if you will.  However, I can say with confidence that I’m comfortable with what “my style” is and I do believe that the improvements I am making to my images are definitely for the better.  The fine tuning is making the difference between an image that is just okay and an image that says “wow.”



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