What’s in my Bag?

Over the years, I have had a few people ask me what all is in my bag.  Well, here’s a list of what’s in my bag.

I started out shooting a Nikon D60, but have since upgraded to two Nikon D7000s.  I do have plans to go full-frame one day (I’d LOVE the D4!), but for now, this is what’s in my bag.  My favorite things about the D7000 are:  its ability to shoot six frames per second, 39 focal points (I toggle; I don’t focus and reframe.) and the dual SD drive for instant image backup.

Ata-Girl Photography Co. | Nikon D7000s

My zoom lenses are both Tamron.  My big lens is a 70-200mm f.28 and the smaller one is 17-50mm f2.8.  I use the 70-200 shooting all sporting events, and I use the smaller zoom when I want a wide range of focal lengths and switching out lenses isn’t a possibility.  When I shoot football games, I use both of these lenses—one on each camera body.  The bigger lens catches all the action on the field, and the smaller lens is dedicated to the sidelines and wide angle shots of the field.  The same principles apply to a wedding ceremony: the bigger one for all the bride/groom action and the smaller one for wide shots of the church and altar.

Ata-Girl Photography Co. | Tamron Zoom Lenses
Ata-Girl Photography Co. | Tamron Zoom Lenses

I also have two Nikon prime lenses—a 50mm f1.4 and a 35mm f1.8.  A prime lens is one that does not zoom.  When you have a fixed focal length and you have to “use your feet” to zoom back and forth.  I use the 50mm during all my bridal, engagement, family and senior portrait sessions.  I only use the 35mm when spaces are tight and I don’t have enough room to use the 50mm.

Ata-Girl Photography Co. | Nikon Prime Lenses
Ata-Girl Photography Co. | Nikon Prime Lenses

I have three Nikon SB600s for low light situations like wedding receptions.  I set-up two strobes on light stands and one on a camera bracket.  I never shoot with a strobe mounted directly to my camera body.

san antonio wedding photographers .atagirl.photography
Ata-Girl Photography Co. | Nikon SB600 Strobes

Nikon’s Creative Lighting System never worked well for me.  I could never get it to fire from more than 20 feet away and even then, it was hit and miss.  Nikon’s CLS needs a clean line of site.  I purchased a system of one Phottix Odin wireless transmitter and three receivers which can fire up to 100 meters and performed well during this creative shoot.

Ata-Girl Photography Co. | Phottix Odin Wireless Trigger System
Ata-Girl Photography Co. | Phottix Odin Wireless Trigger System

I also have all sorts of other things like white balance cards, extra SD cards and extra batteries, light stands, flash brackets, light reflectors, bouncers and diffusers, tripods, monopods, and even a photo session survival kit, which I will tell you all about next week.  The one thing I think I’m missing is a macro lens for wedding details.  This will be my next purchase.  Until next time, be positive, be happy, be healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed.




san antonio wedding photographers ata-girl photography since 2010I started Ata-Girl Photography Co. in 2010 and I am one of the premier San Antonio wedding photographers who is available for local and destination weddings. In addition to wedding photography, I also specialize in high school seniors and family portraits in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. I am a professional photographer who enjoys documenting the important milestones and captivating moments in people’s lives. I firmly believe that the unique set of circumstances I have faced in life has prepared me to take a personal and genuine interest in my photography clients. When I’m not photographing a wedding, family or high school senior, I enjoy watching my daughter play softball, hiking, cycling and listening to Elvis!

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  1. Really happy with my Tamron’s. I would like to get the new 70-200 with VC. I have the 18-270mm, but I am sending it to Tamron because the left side of group photos is always blurred. Not the good blurr either!! I may just sell it when I get it back. I need another zoom to go with my 24-70mm 2.8. Great article!

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