The Importance of Post Processing

The last few weeks I’ve discussed the importance of the color of your prints.  I’ve revealed what generally happens at discount printers and also recommended a professional-level printer that anyone can use. When an image is captured many deliberate thoughts should have taken place in the process: concept/planning, choice of subject, intention, lighting, composition, and finally, the resulting image.  Today, I’d like to rewind the life of the image a bit and talk about what happens after the image is captured but before it gets printed… it’s called editing or post processing. In the digital world, this is the equivalent of the film world’s dark room.  It’s the digital artistic touch the photographer puts into the image.  The techniques vary from photographer to photographer.  Taste, skill, experience, knowledge and software are all key ingredients to the final result.


If used correctly, post processing can greatly enhance an image.  A camera takes all the information from a three-dimensional world and converts it into a two-dimensional piece of information.  Even in today’s world, the images captured can still be improved upon with post processing.  However, post processing can also degrade an image and make it look worse than when the camera captured it. There are certain post processing “sins” that I avoid at all costs.

  1. Heavy vignettes.
  2. Super contrast.
  3. Selective coloring.
  4. Weird or slanty crops.
  5. Texture overlays.
  6. Fake skies.
  7. Over saturation.
  8. Noticeable PhotoShopping™.
  9. Deliberate under or over exposing.
  10. Neglecting an easy fix (ex. telephone poles).

Again, post processing is based purely on personal preference.  As I stated above, this is one of the key elements used in producing photographical art.  In my humble opinion, when images are post processed using extreme techniques, they make an image look cheap and unprofessional.  The aesthetic I like to produce is a classic one.  I like true and vibrant colors that showcase the depth of an image.  I steer clear of anything that resembles a trend.  I have discussed my photography style in length but my aim is to always make an image look better.


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