My Wedding Photography Style

There are so many photography trends alive today some of which are thriving. Wedding photography is an art form and there’s more than one way to skin a cat… I mean create art. There’s super blown out, airy and warm, highly-stylized shots with lots of props, slanty images, frames within the picture, saturated or selective coloring, images with a vintage feel, composition that cuts off your head. AND NOW, dinosaurs seem to making their way into wedding photography style. WHAT?  Personally, I think these trends will be short lived.  They won’t last long and 20 years years from now, these trendy photos won’t be viewed as treasures that preserve an important moment in your life.

When looking for a wedding photographer, find one whose style matches what you envision your wedding day images to look like.  Don’t choose one based on price alone or expect their images to be different from what’s already in the photographer’s portfolio.  You wouldn’t purchase a Moped when you really want to drive a Harley.

Wedding Photography Style

What is MY style? It took me a while to find out. In the beginning, I tried lots of new stuff. Some of it looked good, some of it didn’t. But, I’ve finally narrowed down a list of rules for MY photography.

  • I like a good, even exposure… not too dark, not too light.
  • I like bold, bright colors with a slight contrast.
  • I don’t over saturate one color and I never will.
  • I like clean, crisp images.
  • I don’t take slanty pictures and I never will.
  • I don’t cut off limbs at odd places.
  • I won’t capture an image that decapitates my subject at the neckline… ever.
  • I like images that tell a story, real moments.
  • I like my subjects to feel connected.
  • I don’t use ANY actions or presets to process images unless I created them.
  • Images with bad tilt-shift just look odd to me.
  • I may bring one prop to the session, but not a truckload.

My style is to produce an image that is classic, intimate and story-telling. I want the image to be dated in the least amount possible. I want the only tell-tail signs of when the image was captured is by the clothing, furniture, or vehicle in the image.  Why? Because 20 years from now, when you’re walking down memory lane, my worse fear would be for you to look at an image I took and say, “Why is everything black and white except my bouquet? That was sooooo 2012. Why am I slanty in this picture? Put these pictures in the attic… now!”

I want my art to remind you of a lovely time in your life… a happy moment. I want the image to preserve memories, feelings, connection AND love. I want the images displayed in your home or office 20, even 30 years from now. I want them to make your heart sing. How many of you proudly display those Glamour Shots that were so popular in the 80’s? That’s what I thought.

It has taken me a few years to even begin to narrow down who I am as a photographer. While I do think defining my style will be an ongoing process, I don’t foresee drastic changes. I want to grow in ways that hones and perfects my style, not changes it.

**Some of the images contained in this post were shot under the direction and for assignment of Philip Thomas Photography, LLC.  The images are copyrighted by Philip Thomas Photography, LLC, but are used herein with permission.


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