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Lessons for the Recent Graduate

Graduation is a time when students officially enter young adulthood. It can be a time of excitement and worry. I remember the feeling of being lost at graduation. I had no idea where I was headed. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I had not discovered any real passions in life. I don’t… Read More

Graduation Traditions

This weekend, many high schools and colleges across the country will be reading names from endless lists of graduates as they are called to cross a stage and receive their diplomas. There are many traditions that have resulted and been long standing after the commencement exercises are over… like moving your tassel from left to right,… Read More

High School Graduation Attire

What is the proper high school graduation attire? Think about this. You are “walking the stage” in front of hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. This is your very first official chance to say to the world, “I am an adult. Hear me roar.”  You may think that just because you have on that long… Read More

10 Tips to be the Best Photography Client

Everyone loves a good working relationship, right? And you… you want to have a great photography experience? These ten foolproof tips will ensure you are the best photography client possible. You’re photographer will LOVE YOU if you follow these ten tips! 10 Tips to be the Best Photography Client Click To Tweet Here are ten simple tips to… Read More

Grad Invitation or Announcement?

Each graduation season, I always get asked, what is the difference between a graduation invitation and a graduation announcement?  Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, they are indeed two different animals. An invitation is usually only sent to very close family members and friends inviting them to the actual graduation ceremony. An announcement… Read More

Professional Photography: What Does Quality Cost?

Over the years, I have encountered people who have expressed their dissatisfaction after having bad photography experiences. I have been asked to re-shoot certain weddings images when the images they received were not what they expected. I have been hired to re-shoot portraits sessions when clients were not happy with their experience. I have had more… Read More