Best Wedding Images of 2013

At the end of last year, I began a series about some of my best images of 2013. I began with the best ladies’ senior portraits and guys’ senior portraits! Today, I will continue with the best wedding images that I captured in 2013.

This image was taken from the first wedding I photographed in 2013. It was a rather neat experience. I had an opportunity to photograph the Texas hill country wedding with Philip Thomas who happens to be an international wedding photographer. Amanda and Chase had a lovely celebration. They began at the 140-year-old Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church and followed with the reception at the McKenna Art Center. I love this image because the father of the bride is receiving a high five from a guest. You can just feel how proud he is! To see more of Amanda and Chase’s wedding, click here.


These next two images were taken at Sandy Oaks in Devine. It was a very hot, South Texas wedding in August for Stellisa and JR. I love these two images because Stellisa appears to be beep in thought—contemplating the events of the special day. To see more of this wedding, click here.



Oh, Mollie and Robert! How sweet they are! A very special, six-year-long courtship finally resulted in a perfectly unique marriage proposal. You can just sense the happiness and relief in Mollie’s heart during their first dance. And, the mother of the groom (bottom left) looks just as happy. They celebrated their nuptials at the Raisin L Ranch in Victoria, Texas. To see more of Mollie and Robert’s gorgeous wedding reception, click here.


I am in love with this image because of the tenderness I sense. This image was captured at Sarah and Aaron’s wedding at the end of November. I had the opportunity to work as a second shooter for Rhobin Tudyk of Rhobin’s Nest Photography. Sarah and Aaron said their vows in a traditional Catholic ceremony at the Assumption Chapel at St. Mary’s and then celebrated the reception with family and friends at the Southwest School of Art in downtown San Antonio. You can see more of Sarah and Aaron’s images here.

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There you have my favorite wedding images for 2013. I can’t wait to see what is in store for me during 2014! I am really looking forward to capturing many, many very special moments between husbands and wives, fathers and daughters and mothers and sons. Until next time, be positive, happy, and healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed.

**Some of the images contained in this post were shot under the direction and for assignment of Philip Thomas Photography, LLC or Rhobin’s Nest Photography, LLC. The images are copyrighted by the respective lead photographer but are used herein with permission.

Until next time, be positive, happy, and healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed.


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