Who am I? (Part 1)

At the 2014 WPPI as I sat in Sal Cincotta‘s platform class, he urged each of us in the audience to take a strength finder test. He presented a slide with his and Taylor’s strengths and began describing what talents he looked for in employees and colleagues and how those talents complemented his own. He explained that by understanding your own strengths and talents, you could better understand how to effectively service your own clients and in essence, fortify your business. I’m here for the long haul and I’m ALL about fortifying my San Antonio wedding photography business!


I accepted Sal’s challenge and took the strength finder test from Gallup Strength Center. While none of my top five strengths shocked me, I was a bit surprised about their order of dominance. By reading and understanding the very detailed presentation from Gallup, I can use my strengths to become a better businesswoman, a better artist, a better person and an even better San Antonio wedding photographer.

San Antonio Wedding Photographer

# 5: Belief: Gallupstrengthscenter.com defines this talent as, “People exceptionally talented in the belief theme have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their lives.” It goes on to say that I am honest, transparent and I always want what is best for my customer. I like to do things the right way and that success means more to me than money or prestige. I have integrity and I strive to be compliant with industry standards. 

I agree with belief. My main objective with photography is to always create a product that the customer will love and that will succeed in preserving a very important time in their lives. I don’t believe in or practice high-pressure sales. I do like to do things the right way and most of the time, I believe my way IS the right way. Integrity is very important to me. I am probably way too transparent. There is little that is off-limits for discussion. You get what you see.

#4: Input: I’m inquisitive, crave information, and always want to know more. My input talent indicates that I love to travel and enjoy all kinds of topics. I have a wide range of interests and that enables me to easily build connections with people. I have tools that facilitate growth and performance. I desire to be knowledgeable and I love to accumulate new information.  However, since input was not listed as one of my strongest talents, I am more selective about what types of information I seek out. I learn more by a hands-on approach as opposed to reading about something. 

Input also accurately describes me. My likes are very eclectic. I usually enjoy visiting with all sorts of people and hearing their stories. I’m very curious. A former boss once told me, “You don’t need to know why, just do it!” And, I didn’t work for Nike®. My input talent is what fuels my curiosity about photography and drives me to make better images. Every single day, I’m inputting more information and getting closer to my long-term photography goals.

Stay tuned next week! I’ll detail my top three talents and explore how they can make me a better photographer! Be photographed.


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