A Family Heirloom Photo Box

I’m thrilled to introduce you to another Italian-made product! It’s a family heirloom photo box and it has an unprecedented level of quality. It’s called a folio box. It’s the perfect medium for building a lasting memory of an important event in your life. This folio box is available with all my portrait and wedding collections.

Family Heirloom Photo Box


The basic folio box is 6″ X 8″ (also comes in 6″ x 6″) and inlcudes ten mounted prints. The box can be completely customized by choosing different colors of exquisite Italian leathers for the cover, sides and the inside of the box. The cover can also be personalized with overprinting of text.


The folio box can hold up to 30 images and is built in custom heights of 2″, 3″ or 4½”.


The images are mounted on a .08″ thick rigid subtrate that can either be black or white.


This detail makes them even more enjoyable to touch, admire and display. The mounted prints can easily be displayed on an easel and alternated throughout the year.


Don’t delay!! Add this folio box to any collection to create family heirlooms to preserve your personal legacy!! Call for a consultation today to see this and many more of the quality products offered by Ata-Girl!!


Until next time, be positive, happy, healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed.


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