Country Engagement

Mikaela and Jonathan will have more than a ten-year friendship by the time they tie the knot next year—which I think is always an incredible foundation for a strong marriage.

Mikaela & Jonathan's Country Engagement Session

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The couple had a chance encounter at a high school football game in 2011. But it wasn’t exactly love at first sight.

Mikaela & Jonathan's Country Engagement Session

Mikaela & Jonathan’s Country Engagement Session

Almost exactly nine years—9 years and 5 days to be exact—Jonathan proposed to Mikaela over a glass of champagne. It came as a complete surprise because Mikaela was actually treating Jonathan to his birthday dinner. She was totally unaware that the spotlight would end up being on her for the night.

“He pulled a proposal that was a 100% shock.”


Mikaela & Jonathan's Country Engagement Session

After their December 2021 wedding in downtown San Antonio, Mikaela and Jonathan plan to move to Dallas. Mikaela wants to use her mechanical engineer degree so that they can design and build their very own barndominum. They are super excited because they plan on engineering a lot of cool, custom stuff for the house. In addition to their future 9-to-5’s in Dallas, they also plan on becoming entrepreneurs and starting a side hustle.

Mikaela & Jonathan's Country Engagement Session

Spending time together means watching a lot of movies & TV shows, hanging out with family, working on cars, date nights, and watching sports—which is mostly initiated by Mikaela. They enjoy museums and pretty much anything that challenges their minds! They both enjoy science and politics as well. They constantly challenge each other to be better people.

Mikaela & Jonathan's Country Engagement Session

The two are already expecting an addition to their family next April! They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their very own chocolate lab.

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