capturing memories with a photo

Capturing Memories with a Photo

When I was in high school, the ONLY thing I wanted in life was to be an Olympic/professional athlete.  I either wanted to play volleyball or run track at this level.  (So, I’m still puzzled why I chose to have a basketball insignia put on my senior ring.)  I have always had a special place in my heart for competing; I love to play sports.  So to me, taking an action shot is not just about getting a picture of some guy throwing a ball.  I like to capture the emotion of the moment–the vapor rising from the sweaty head of a football player on a cold Friday night or the Diamond Pro being flung from the underside of a pair of Mizuno cleats while someone tries to steal home.  I not only try to capture the actual moment, but the emotional ties to the moment.  Twenty years from now when someone looks at one of these action shots, I want their heart to feel as if the moment is happening again… right then.

As a photographer, I grew tremendously last year having covered so many events.  I had so many different opportunities to grow:  I shot right at 70 JHS sporting events (among many others), I got to shoot professional athletes, I shot a group of 1,400 people, I shot from a helicopter, and I shot many other types of sessions–weddings, engagements, teens, newborns, etc.  I had the opportunity to have my work critiqued by a photographer who won the Pulitzer Prize.  I had fun and learned something at every single shoot.  I hope to grow this much again this school year.

I had so much fun photographing all the amazing athletes and capturing memories with a photo.  For them, the images will last forever.  In just a few short weeks, another school year will begin.  I’m really anxious to begin this year.  Let the competitions begin.

So, with that in mind, I leave you with my absolute, most favorite shot from last school year.  Enjoy!

capturing memories with a photo
Rub a Little Dirt on It!

P. S.  All of last year’s galleries will be taken down on August 15, 2011!  Complete your purchases before then!!


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