The past two years with Ata-Girl has been so amazing; I am very much looking forward to see where this journey will end up taking me.  I have never been the person who makes ridiculous resolutions each year, but I have always been a goal setter.  Some of my goals for 2012 pertain to my personal life and some pertain to Ata-Girl.  By December 31, 2012, I’m hoping to have achieved every single one.

  1. I will be more committed to my health and happiness.  I will eat better more often.  I will exercise more consistently.  I will try to lose the 17 pounds I gained in 2011.  I will ride in more charity bike rides this year… starting as early as April.  I have never been conditioned well enough to participate in any charity rides before September, but I believe I am well on my way to be ready for the Fiesta Wildflower Ride this year (  I will complete a century ride (100 miles in one day), and I will finally meet my goal of cycling at least 2,000 miles in a calendar year.

    2012 Ata-Girl Photography Co. Catalog

    It’s here! The 2012 Ata-Girl Photography Co. Catalog!

  2. I will shoot more weddings this year.  Last year, I shot two weddings and what a treat that was.  I got to document one of the most important days in a couple’s life.  I got to memorialize the happiness, love and laughter shared by the bride, groom and their families.  I want to do this more.  I am very excited about this!!  My goal is to shoot at least four weddings this year (but I’m secretly striving for eight)!  I am currently in the process of implementing some new marketing ideas with a group of other professionals as well as some that only pertain to Ata-Girl.  I CANNOT wait for them to materialize.  (See above.)
  3. I will not be threatened by other photographers.  I will not be critical of or threatened by other photographers’ work.  I will not take it personally when a potential client hires another photographer.  I will be confident in my work and my skill level.  I will not replicate others’ work or fall victim to trendy styles.  I will continue to develop an artistic style that is all mine and I will not diverge from this path.
  4. I will continue to grow, learn and improve my skills.  On a daily basis, I will continue to learn and improve my skills.  This not only pertains to my photographic skills, but my business, marketing and personable skills.  I will continually seek new ideas, pursue expert advice and honestly self-critique/examine my own work.
  5. I will get a backup camera.  Having spent the last month 🙁 without a camera has made me realize the importance of having a backup.  I can’t remember ever having had a product fail me unless it was just absolutely old.  I’ve heard of this happening, but never imagined it would happen to me.  I’m getting a backup.

So, there they are.  There are my goals for the upcoming 12 months.  They will happen.


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