Senior Promo Reel

I first met with Stella Haus Films‘ creator, Dayna De Hoyos, in February of this year. We introduced ourselves, made small talk about our entrepreneurial businesses and laid out a very general idea for a short promo film for my photography company. Luckily, she shared my enthusiasm and agreed to help me! Over the next few months we discussed more detailed visions, met to scout locations and eat fantastic hamburgers! She began selecting all the talented individuals who would help to put my business in front of the eyes of many. She recommended models, make-up artists, stylists, props, filming locations and ultimately decided that we would make two shorter films: one to showcase my senior photography, and one to promote my wedding photography.


Yesterday, we completed the first of three filming days to capture the footage for the senior promo reel. At one point, we had a four-camera chain reaction. Imagine this! As I’m taking photos of Allison, Dayna is filming me. Rocio, the make-up artist and stylist for the shoot, is taking pictures of Dayna. Meanwhile, Fred, who has worked closely with me on a lot of projects, is taking photos of everything. It was camera crazy for a bit! And the whole time, Allison was so cool pretending to be on a normal shoot.


During the wrap party that included some of the most pure and honest ice cream I have every put in my mouth, I realized that when Dayna and I get together, food is somehow ALWAYS involved. I’m excited to see the final product and I’m excited to see how these videos affect my business!

Until next time, be positive, happy, and healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed.


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I am a professional photographer who enjoys documenting the important milestones and captivating moments in people’s lives. I firmly believe that the unique set of circumstances I have faced in life has prepared me to take a personal and genuine interest in my photography clients. When I’m not photographing a wedding, family or high school senior, I love hiking, cycling, reading, listening to Elvis and most importantly, I enjoy seeing my daughters happy!

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