My Shutterfest 2015 Experience

My experience at Shutterfest 2015 was amazing! I actually missed attending last year because by the time I found out about it, it was SOLD OUT. Shutterfest 2014 was limited to 1,000 photographers, I believe. I was lucky enough to jump on board this year, yet still, it the event was limited to only 2,000 photographers. It remain limited at 2,000 photographers for future years. This is quite different from the WPPI that I attend in Vegas each year because there is no limit and sometimes there are over 20,000 photographers in attendance.


Even though the event is officially only two days, many of the photographers are there for almost a week. I stayed for four days. It was an incredible networking experience. I traveled to and fro with two amazing photographers from San Antonio, Kim Bourquin and Ashley Zufelt, whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years. We’ve been able to be creative together and even work together. We had a blast!

I was invited to a midnight boudoir session by Dave Doeppel, who I met at WPPI. Shooting boudoir is not something that I currently do, but the idea has been intriguing to me for a while. Dave runs a successful Las Angeles-based business named L. A. Pinups and is quite knowledgeable in this genre of photography. Dave gave me an opportunity to try it out. I am grateful.

I sat through a few insightful classes, but honestly, the best part of this conference was the Rent-a-Human program. Just like a library, you could walk up to the customer service counter, and order up a bride and groom, a high school senior or a seven-year-old model. You then took them out for an hour or so and proceeded to have a normal portrait session. It was an extremely good way to build your portfolio, practice new shooting techniques or just add some shutter accusations to your camera.


In a nutshell, Shutterfest was a great experience! I met some fellow photographers who I will keep in contact with for many years to come. And I just know they will be a vital part of my growth. I’m already registered for next year’s event which I believe is already sold out or really close to being sold out. Attending photography conferences is a MUST if I seek to give my clients the best experience, the best images and the best products. Photography education should be an integral part of any professional’s business plan.

Here’s a quick video of Ashley, Kim and myself acting silly in the photo booth.

Until next time, be positive, happy, healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed.


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