Katherine & Jeffrey’s Couple’s Session

Can I just say WOW??!!

I’ve photographed lots of couples together during engagement sessions, on their wedding day, and in an occasional family session, but WOW, just WOW! Until I photographed Katherine and Jeffrey in this very mild couple’s boudoir session, I’ve never quite captured a couple like THIS! 

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Katherine is an emergency room registered nurse working on her Master’s Degree in Nursing Education and Jeffrey is currently in law school with a Master’s Degree of his own under his belt. The two are surely a modern day power couple!! And a super cute one at that!

This session was SO. MUCH. FUN!! This session was incredibly romantic. This session was so full of love, intrigue, story-telling and honest-to-goodness flirtation. These two have a bond, connection, and fondness so strong that my camera could not deny its existence. It was an incredible honor to be able to just watch them playfully interact with each other with little direction from me. Again, did I say how much FUN this session was?

And, Katherine could NOT have picked out a more perfect dress for this session! Absolute perfection! The dress was classy, tasteful and extremely sexy!

Katherine & Jeffrey’s Couple’s Session

The two met nearly nine years ago. After barely learning to dance, Jeffrey was brave enough to ask Katherine to dance in the middle of an empty dance floor at a graduation party. The two spent the rest of the summer together hanging out at the pool where Katherine was a lifeguard or at the coffee house where Jeffrey was a barista. Their story paused briefly during their senior year in high school, resumed for a short time their freshman year at Texas A&M, but when the two reconnected in late 2014, they knew they’d be married soon.

They tied the knot the September after Jeffrey secretly flew home from school in Chicago early one morning, where he was getting his Master’s, to propose. Though, this proposal likely never happened. Thankfully, Jeffrey was patient. This particular morning, even after Katherine vowed that Jeffrey would never be able to surprise her with a proposal, he did indeed surprise her! She was on her way home from work and he was waiting in her living room with a bouquet of roses. On the way, home, she decided to stop at a grocery store where everything was on sale. So, she took advantage of the situation and restocked everything she was short on. Then, on her way out… she saw the Coinstar machine and was reminded about the jar of coins… rolled coins, she’d been carrying around in her car for the longest time. Once she deposited her groceries in her vehicle, she decided to cash in those coins. She returned to the grocery store and stood in front of the Coinstar and removed the paper wrapper off of each and every roll of coins she had. Once the coins had been ingested by the Coinstar, she then got back in line with her receipt to get her cash. Who knows how much time has elapsed by now, but Jeffrey was steadfast and tenacious as he waited with his roses. Katherine was oblivious with her groceries and her coins.

After what could have easily been a multi-hour delay, she finally walked through her front door… in her hospital scrubs… with her arms full of groceries… sleep deprived… and in her own words, “to find Jeff sitting there with a bouquet of roses, champagne on ice, and a smile that said, ‘I got you.'”

He got her.

Katherine admits that the biggest takeaway from marriage so far is that you can’t make someone a morning person! No matter how big you smile, how fresh the coffee, how delicious the breakfast, how gorgeous the sunrise….. it ain’t gonna happen. (Hint: she’s the morning person.)

So, who is a session like this for?

  • couples about to get married
  • newly-married couples 
  • couples who’ve celebrated many anniversaries
  • couples wanting to witness and preserve their bond and strong connection in physical, fine art prints
  • couples wanting or needing to be reminded of the love they share for their partner

If you’d like to see more images from this portrait session, please enjoy this video. For the best quality, be sure to change the video player settings to 1080 HD.

Hair and Makeup by: Marci Madla

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