Country Senior Session

Devin finished up her third and final senior session with a bang! We ventured way south of town to her family’s property… property that has been in the family for generations and means the world to them.


We took her country cap and gown senior session images on a piece of property that affectionately is home to “the shack.” Her mom kept calling this building the shack, but each time I wanted to refer to it, I had a hard time calling it a shack. Finally, Shellie assured me that the term was one of affection and that the shack had been named by Devin’s great-grandfather. Family history is so important to me. I’m glad that I get to play historian with some of my shoots. I was relieved and after that, I could refer to its name more easily.

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Devin’s sessions were also very dear to me because her mother was one of my very best friends in junior high and high school. We grew up having beauty contests, playing Ouija board and Light as a Feather. We spent hours pool side and if combined together and strung continuously end-to-end, probably a solid year competing together in various sports. We awkwardly navigated through some of our first loves together. We survived freshman year hazing and finally, graduated… although Shellie was at one end of the commencement exercise and I at the other. šŸ™‚ Shellie was, and always will be, a very dear friend to me. And that is also why Devin’s sessions are, and will always be, very dear to me. As I said, family history is very important to me. When I have the opportunity to help someone create and solidify their family’s legacy, it makes my heart sing. When I’m helping someone super special to me, it makes my heart sing, do back flips and ride on cloud nine for a bit.

Devin’s Country Senior Session

If you’d like to see all the images from this portrait session, please enjoy this video.

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