Chase’s Trash the Graduation Gown Session

There is always an adventure with Chase. His spirit is untamed. His love for life literally pours off of him. If you don’t believe me, check out Chase’s first and second custom senior portrait sessions with me. His energy… his being…  and his essence are evident and present in each of his senior images—just like in real life and just like in this last senior session.


So it was no surprise to me when Chase asked for an impromptu trash the graduation gown session. We were shooting at the local country club and Chase asked if he could get in the water. I agreed as long as it was okay with both of his parents, who were present, and as long as he didn’t go in past his waist. Chase bravely entered the murky water hazard near the 19th hole leaving his socks on. We had already watched a family of snapping turtles sun bathing on a floating log, so his cautiousness was warranted. Chase joked about peeing his pants during this part of the session. If that is true, this is also a first! I’ve never had a senior client wet his pants during a session.

Trash the Graduation Gown

After a short search on Google®, it appears that Chase’s session is among the first like this to be photographically documented. Actually, I can only find two other photographers who have posted blogs about this type of a senior session. Imagine that! Thanks to Chase’s sense of adventure, he and I are in the forefront of American high school senior portrait photography.  Until next time, be positive, happy, and healthy, and don’t forget to be photographed.


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