Late last year, I had the pleasure to visit Barbara at Bergheim Ranch for the first time. If you are recently in the market for a secluded wedding venue with overnight lodging and beautiful views as far as the eye can see, consider all the benefits of holding your special event at the Bergheim Ranch—a Texas Hill Country venue and lodging destination.

Whether you plan to have a small, intimate gathering or a lavish, large event, here’s everything you need to know about the Bergheim Ranch.

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Bergheim Ranch is a private Texas hill country wedding venue that opened in 2018. It’s very conveniently-located central to San Antonio, Austin, Boerne, Fredericksburg, and New Braunfels—which makes weddings super simple for both your local wedding guests and those who will have to travel.

Bergheim Ranch is stunning because you feel like you’re out in the middle of nowhere. There are neighbors… but you can’t see them. I don’t know exactly how many acres this ranch is, but things like road noise and telephone poles don’t seem to exist.

One of the best things (there are several) about Bergheim Ranch is the open-air barn—referred to as “the Gin.” First off, it’s huge! The Gin is 3,000 square feet and you can easily seat 150 guests… or 250 guests if you allow them to “flow” into the adjacent lawn areas. There is a beautiful, very large double-sided fireplace, At the opposite end of the Gin is a built-in, saloon-inspired bar. The Texas hill country views are endless when you open all of the cantilever-styled windows. The outdoors seems to blend flawlessly right into the indoors and this would be perfect for any fall or spring Texas wedding!

Don’t let all of the words like “barn” and “saloon” lead you to believe that this hill country wedding venue is only suited for rustic wedding themes. I promise you, the Gin has dual personalities and can easily host any elegant, refined wedding theme. It’s drop-dead gorgeous!

Bergheim Ranch, Texas Hill Country Wedding Venue

Have I mentioned the majestic oak trees that envelope the Gin and cover the quaint little courtyard? There are several, very mature oaks in the yard (and actually all around the property), and they’re just unbelievably pretty. They actually frame, shade, or provide a backdrop to the outdoor ceremony areas.

My favorite Texas wedding venues are ones that offer overnight accommodations to their guests and Bergheim Ranch succeeds. The ranch has the ability to sleep up to 25 guests—which is just about perfect for your family and a small wedding party.

The main house, called the Windmill House, has the most peaceful front porch. It’s where I sat talking to Barbara before and after my tour of Bergheim Ranch. The two tree-house-style bungalows in the back are 20 feet off the ground. Because you are not at ground level, you can literally see for miles and miles. Both have firepits and charcoal grills. There is a gas grill located near the pool. Yes!! There’s an in-ground pool!

(Fun fact, the bungalows are built 20 feet off the ground because they used to be part of what was called the Serengeti. The Serengeti was a resort which had several exotic animals which included giraffes, zebras, ostriches, and some other deer, I believe. Not only would the giraffes come to the bungalow windows, you could take “safari” rides through the fields to feed the animals. But, the animals are no longer there. Hope that’s not a deal breaker.)

And if you’ve been dreaming of those pictures of you and your newly-wedded partner jumping into a swimming pool… you can do that here too! Though, you’ll likely have to save this for a summer wedding—the pool is not heated.

Barbara was going through several renovations when I visited and I can’t wait to see what improvements she made. Honestly, from what I was able to see, none were needed. Everything was clean, well-manicured, and just lovely.

Okay, so what other facts do you need to know about the Bergheim Ranch as it relates to your wedding planning and/or you’re not really in the mood for reading today? Let’s skip to the bullet points…

  • Secluded venue, but easily accessible to all nearby cities
  • 3,000 square foot, open-air barn
  • Seats 150 people comfortably; can squeeze in 250
  • Multiple scenic ceremony sites
  • Overnight lodging for up to 25 people; three separate houses
  • In-ground pool
  • Rental includes tables and padded resin chairs for 200 guests
  • Gorgeous 14-foot chiffon drapes
  • According to Here Comes the Guide, prices range from $3,500 to $6,100
  • Currently running a special for an intimate wedding… $3,999; includes an overnight stay but must be booked for June–September 2021

The beautiful surroundings of the Bergheim Ranch and all it has to offer can provide you and your partner with a lifetime of special memories and limitless photo opportunities for your magical day. You’re not doing yourself any favors unless you check it out.

If you’re looking for a spacious, unique hill country wedding venue and you’d like to arrange your own tour at the Bergheim Ranch with Barbara, you can reach out here:

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